Advertising Campaigns That Have Been Banned.

Creating an advertising campaign can be an expensive business, however if you choose the wrong advertising campaign you could find your advertisement has been banned.
This article will look at some advertisements that have been banned from our screens.
Microsoft XP “The Unexpected Experience”
Advertising operating systems are not exactly easy, however this did not stop Microsoft from coming up with their The Unexpected Experience commercial.
The commercial starts of showing a couple starting to get intimate with each other, the advert shows the couple moving over to a couch with the female sitting of the males lap whilst kissing the camera then pans around to show the male struggling to unfasten his girlfriend’s bra.

Only for a message to show on the screen asking for a password.
Renault “New Renault Dita Von Teese”
This advert starred Thiery Henry and Dita Von Teese was banned from daytime TV in the UK.
This advert started of quite innocently by showing an overgrown box the has Dita housed in it the advert then moves on to show little peep holes in it for people to look through.
The advert then moves on to a shot looking through the hole and you see Dita performing a strip tease and then Thiery Henry making a phew sound, although this advert was advertising the New Renault Clio there was not Clio to be seen.
Ikea “Tidy up Campaign”
This advert caused a bit of a stir across Europe.
Although the ad itself starts of quite innocently, showing a young child playing with his toys, as the ad progresses you are presented with the young lad playing with what he thinks is a rocket however, it turns out to be his mum’s toy.
Bud Light
This ad was designed to advertise bud light the advert was shown during the Superbowl in 2007 and which resulted in it being banned afterwards.
The advert starts of showing a couple walking along the poolside in the moonlight, you then see them diving into the water.  The ad then cuts to inside a bar that is below the pool, which shows you the legs of the couple you then see everybody taking pictures, this gave a new understanding of the phrase “Beer Goggles”
New Yorker Underwear
This advert took the “sex sells” theory to the extreme.
The advert starts off with a couple standing at the alter getting married which looks innocent enough until the camera cuts to the front and you see that the Groom is slightly older than the Bride.
You then see the happy couple leaving the church and then driving up to a rather large mansion.  The next seen shows the groom sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for his new wife to come to bed, as she is getting ready in the next room the Groom walks to the door and looks through the key hole.
Then his new wife starting to put a show on for him, causing him collapse with a heart attack.
Agent Provocateur
In 2001, this raunchy video was banned from our TV screens.
This add starts off with a mechanical bull and then it shows an elderly woman sitting in front of it you then see a pair of legs in a white coat walking towards the Mechanical bull which you soon discover that it is Kylie.
She then proceeds to ride the mechanical bull in her underwear, this advert was voted as the best ever cinema ad in2009.
Obsession “Secret Obsession”
Calvin Klein’s “Secret Obsession ad featuring Eva Mendes was banned by US networks in 2008, the only real issue with this advert was the exposure of Eva Mendes’ nipple.
Chris Johnstone is an advertising executive that specialises in Banner Stands he believes if you get the right message in the right place; it can have positive effects on any business.