Why Getting Fit For Sport Is Much More Than Running On A Treadmill

Many people who were picked last for sports as a child often fantasise about finally getting fit and being able to kick a football or throw a tackle like a true athlete. However it comes as a shock to many that simply running on a treadmill or doing a few sit-ups doesn’t make you great at sport. Obviously talent comes into play, but the main reason is often the exercise regimes used by many don’t focus on the muscles and the type of fitness needed for sport. That means even people who can run for ages on a treadmill can burn out when running up a pitch.
If you want to train for a sport, then follow these simple tips on how to get fit the sporty way.
1. Running faster and jumping higher
The key skills when it comes to many sports are the ability to run fast and to jump high. While running fast is a skill that is quite easily built, many people neglect the strength training that is needed to be good at sports and to build endurance. Work on your leg strength to help you to jump higher, as this is also a good thing to have if you need speed and certain specific sporting skills like a jump-shot.
2. Stamina
Many people can sprint but when it comes to playing a multiple hour game, they simply don’t have the stamina. Try build up your endurance through long distance running and strength training, making it less likely that you will burn out half way through a game with cramp – unable to continue.
Stamina is built through regular training, so make sure that you work out often and regularly. It is very easy to lose stamina that you have built, so make sure you don’t leave weeks at a time when you don’t exercise.
3. Play the game
The best way to get fit for a specific sport is to play that sport and play it a lot. Taking part in regular exercise via your sport means you’ll be working the muscles that you need for that sport. Another good thing to do is to assess where you are sore after playing. That way you can assess accurately what muscles you use during the sport and work on them when you are training.
4. Interval training
Interval training is a great way to gradually build fitness while not draining yourself too much. This is an important tip if you are just starting out, because you will not be able to go from zero to hero as fast as you think. Make sure that you begin gradually by taking part in interval training and then getting more intense as time goes by.
5. Eat well
It is not just important that you exercise a lot but also that you eat well. Make sure that everything that goes into your body is healthy food that will help you when it comes to exercising and sport. Eating well is often the key to success when it comes to sport.

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Article written by healthy living advocate Dora Novak who was recently experimenting with cooking delicious and healthy foods in microwaves.