Why Is Life Smoother In Metro Cities Than In Small Towns

Small town or villages are a major part of our country in India. But even with advancement of science and technology and development the 80% of our country are being constantly neglected for no reasons. The development and certain improvements in the technological sphere in the cities have madehousing and life smoother here.

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Good road systems: The road systems and the structure in which the roads are built are easier to drive through and connect many places at a time. It makes travelling less complex and life faster in the metro cities. Very little attention is given to the development of road and other communication facilities of the smaller towns or villages of India.

Transport facilities: The next most important issue which comes after this and needs to be addressed is the absence of a good and well developed means of communication. It needs a mention that the absence of roadis a major problem for this. Regular means of transport to enhance the communication of the town to other parts of the country are barely looked upon and this neglect has made it inconvenient for the inhabitants to reach a definite place within a definite time.

Easy access to basic amenities: All the basic requirements needed for the regular livelihood are much easily available in the metro cities. Starting from the drinking water to the shopping areas, you just get it at your doorstep. Very unlikely these facilities get missing in the rural areas. The door to door facility of water supply or the market facility nearby or the bus stop are not available. People need to go miles for fetching water or try hard in order to carry on with their life in those areas.

Electricity: The provision of electricity to all households and the lighting up of the streets with the lights offered by the government goes absconding in the rural areas. It becomes really difficult for the people there to adjust and travelling at night becomes really troublesome.  The schedule after night fall is restricted and the children find it more problematic to study in the evening. A sharp contrast is seen in the metro cities which is lighted up even in the unlikeliest of times.  The decorated street lights and the connections from the electricity supply board to all household makes life easier in these places after sun down.

Educational facilities: A major drawback in the life of the rural population is very less amount of educational institutions. While the cities are flooded by institutions both government aided and private, the villages hardly have one or two schools in the nearby region which also requires a travelling of two to three hours. The absence of these facilities keeps them backward thus roughen their lifestyle as they fail to show and earn by their qualifications.

Job opportunity: The employment opportunities are largely associated and concentrated in the urban region. All time factors and the lack of financial help make their profession of farming troublesome too. The cities have development in all forms like offices and business sectors, with the availability of sufficient transportation any kind o business in any region is made smoother. This is hardly possible in small towns or villages where people strive for achieving their basic amenities.

All the above factors are somehow responsible for the declining lifestyle in the small towns or villages and besides makes the life in the metro cities much easier and comfortable. These discrepancy has led to an imbalance in the livelihood of both sides of the country.