How To Market Your Holiday Website Online

With the Holidays right around the corner, the hustle and bustle to get holiday items online may be a difficult thing to navigate. For online business owners, this is the time of year to market your site so it is not overlooked. With so many sites available to customers seeking holiday goodies, you want to increase your chances of being their shopping destination tenfold. Utilizing the tips below, you will not only put your site at the top of the list, but increase your profits and clientele.
Marketing Tips:
• Search Engine Optimization
• Advertising
• Affiliation
• Social Media
Search Engine Optimization
The first step in marketing your website is doing everything you can to get your site to the top of the search engine results list. Even though you may have already done so, go through and update all your listings around the holiday season. Use holiday themed keywords throughout your site content, increasing your chances of being found by potential customers. Update your content more often, and keep your site active. These are good ways to climb the search engine ladder so your site comes up at the beginning of those millions of results. You can hire people to create search engine optimized content for you, or you can create it yourself.
Start advertising your holiday products early. Push your advertising more than you normally would, an attempt to widen your audience. Utilize all means necessary to get the word out about your website: classifieds, holiday forums, social media websites, even your local newspaper would help. Try getting more creative with your advertising, such as making videos or using catchy phrases. Another good idea would be to offer incentive on your holiday products. Find a good reason why they should come to your store, and not a different one. Always appeal to the customer.
Try to set up a partnership, whether temporary or permanent, with another source. Whether it’s your local church, or another website, an affiliation is a great way to gain more clientele. All you have to do is recommend your customers to their place of business and they will recommend their customers to you. The relationship is mutually beneficial. You can also create an affiliation by donating to a cause or offering to donate a certain amount of proceeds to a cause. This requires investment, but the right cause can draw in a lot of new customers.
Social Media
If you don’t already use social media to market your business, start doing so. Create accounts across the social media scope and start spreading the word about your company. Spice up your social media sites with holiday themed images, content, and really get into the spirit. Use the sites to advertise, offer special incentives, and gain more clientele. Update your site daily with holiday related content, regardless of its relationship to your products. Offering budget decorating tips or good ideas or even just writing positive quotes are acceptable. All you have to do is keep your site active, attractive, and friendly and people will come flocking.
Using the tips above, you are more than certain to gain more clientele and make more sales during the holiday season. A few simple steps could end up filling your pockets! You can do them all yourself, but there are plenty of marketing companies that can be hired to do all of the above and more for you. Gaining clientele this year will increase the chances of them returning next year. Hopefully you will have a delightful and profitable holiday season!
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