Why The Android Studio Is The Best IDE For Android App Development

As the technology world advances, applications become increasingly convenient and more. Application developers have tried to perfect their skills and products which have elevated our standards of living to another level. Competition among them is stiff even though some developers like APPEK Mobile Apps continue to lead the pack via their success in driving high volumes of installations and pleasing their clientele. The competition is based on just how many understanding developers have of the Integrated Development Environments (IDE) that are at their disposal.

The Android Store is an Integrated Development Environment. It was once referred to as the Android IDE but it upgraded its system gradually over time to become the most competitive IDE there is for Android Application Package file (APK) development. Since the Android Operating System dominates the software market for smart devices, developers have to figure out the most efficient IDE for making APKs.

The Android IDE has undergone several upgrades to mitigate some of the negative consequences of its pitfalls while adding on its numerous merits. The reason it underwent an almost total overhaul from the Android IDE to the Android Studio was that;

  • App abandonment had increased from 20 percent to 25 percent in a year
  • Most of those who abandoned the applications had experienced two early stage crashes

How Google Made Android App Development Better

Google realized that despite the increased app abandonment among Android users compared to iOS, some application developers like APPEK Mobile Apps continued to impress their clientele with functional and stable apps. However, just like any other developers, the successful developers experienced the same issues with Android Studios. They did not approve of the complex interface and thought that its pre-existing emulators were either too slow or not accurate in their simulations.

The technology savvy gurus were able to keep their apps with minimum bugs even though it was a lot of work. Google moved in to overhaul the IDE and incorporated better features and tools to make the development of stable Android apps much easier for independent developers. Some of the features that make the upgraded Android Studio an exceptionally efficient IDE for APK development include:

  • Instant Run, Cloud Test Lab Integration and Code Editor

It makes application revamping easier to do by allowing developers to observe code changes in real time for functionality. Developers no longer need to develop new APKs every time they need to make incremental modifications to existing code files. While the Android IDE couldn’t previously allow developers to alter their application code without doing a total overhaul, the Android Studio now can. It increases accuracy and efficiency just as the Code Editor, which is intelligent, does. The Cloud Test Lab Integration also spares developers the hustle of building new APKs every time to suit the same applications and programs for different kinds of devices

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