Determination = Rewards

Recruitment agencies are a place where most of us head if we are out of work, but a lot of people nowadays say they simply cannot get a job. Is this the case? Or is it that we will not do certain jobs and if we are earning a similar amount on benefits why go to work anyway?
Finding a job can be tricky so it is always a good idea to register with a recruitment agency, they will have a list of vacancies to fill and will find the best job to suit your qualifications and experience. There are a number of other things you can try, here are some recommendations.

  1. Networking – Don’t be fooled! This isn’t just a rubbish excuse men give when they want to have a meeting at the pub with clients, this is a very good way to get to know different people and make friends, which when you are looking for a job can be very handy. People will often employ someone they know rather than someone they haven’t met before. Try using social networking or even LinkedIn. these are great tools to get your message to former employers and former colleagues.
  2. Check individual companies that you know as often a lot will use in house advertising rather than paying for agencies. Go into town with your CV and try your hand. Introduce yourself and ask if you can leave a CV, you may even end up seeing someone and if you’re exceptionally lucky an interview may be arranged there and then. The personal approach always works really well rather than another email saying the same old thing. A personal introduction will make you memorable and also show off your personality.
  3. Find a trade magazine that relates to your career and keep looking, look in newspapers they always have ad’s up also notice boards in your local news agencies. Look in different areas, you may end up travelling a little further than you normally would but for the right jobs it’s worth it. If you are lucky enough to already be employed always look for vacancies in your work to move up the chain. If you already work there they will be more than happy to help you progress in your career plan.

The worst thing you can do is sit at home waiting for a call while other candidates are out there looking and being seen to be trying.
This article was written by Ruth Stewart on behalf of, specialists in tax recruitment.