Top 4 Advantages Of Getting Paid Online Through Blogging

Top 4 Advantages Of Getting Paid Online Through Blogging

At SeekaHost University the blogging experts are revealing how everyone can earn an income via the internet by blogging in the Blog For Profits Online Course

Many companies and freelancers are looking for bloggers or copywriters to write for their business websites or blogs. Even most of the writers at SeekaHost University, SeekaHost, and ClickDo are from around the world and they are paid for their blogging services. 

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But what are the advantages of making money from blogging compared to other ways like affiliate marketing or working as a virtual assistant? We have listed the best arguments here so you can get motivated to start your blog soon. 

What are the Advantages of Blogging?

1. Prime benefit of generating money online through blogging

Investing your time in setting up and writing a blog, you expect something in return. By following certain ways you can make money from your blog, which you can read more about in the referenced guide, you will soon see results like web traffic and enquiries increasing.  You can turn that into a passive online income if you use your blog’s popularity for advertising and affiliate marketing for example. And the best thing is that there is no fixed limit to the money you can generate. Depending on the quality and the niche of the blog you can earn a remarkable amount and some bloggers have even turned their websites into online businesses generating millions.

2. Flexible writing hours

Write whenever and wherever you like. In fact, with such a flexible work, you can come up with great ideas to craft your stuff, improve your blog or pitch article ideas to other bloggers. Moreover, blogging refreshes your mundane routine and gives you your own space to pen down or type your brilliant thoughts, which can lead to even better outcomes and incomes for that matter. Blogging requires a lot of strategic planning and analysing to become a recognised brand.

3. Building your own network of readers

Anything published online has a great scope of going viral. Even more, if it’s an extremely useful, entertaining or effective article. Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest are a great source to increase the popularity of a blog. Since you already have a great network of friends there, your blog can be shared by your friends, then their friends or even in Facebook groups that may be interested in the topics you cover. Soon you may be the next big influencer and companies will pay you to review them or promote their products or services via your blog.

4. Freedom to be your own boss

The beauty of setting up your own blog is that you are in charge. You simply choose the topics of your content to converse with your audience and attend to their needs by trying to answer their questions. The impact of a blog is bigger when it’s created keeping the user’s interest and worries in mind. When it comes to earning money online from a blog you need to carry out some basic groundwork for proceeding ahead on the path of success. There is a wide range of categories available from which you can select any area of interest such as 

  • travel 
  • cooking 
  • fitness 
  • business
  • finance
  • entertainment
  • beauty
  • fashion
  • health

You should wisely select your blog category so that you’re not up against too much competition. Try to narrow it down and focus on a subtopic, e.g. travel could focus on a specific country that not many have covered yet. You can check out which is a blog that Manuela Willbold at ClickDo Ltd. has helped set up and it is now growing. 

In the future a blog like that can attract businesses to advertise accommodation, events, activities or restaurants to its readers and the blog owner can charge for that. Equally, other bloggers may want to publish guest posts there, which the blog owner could also charge a fee for. 

As a blogger and copywriter, you can also get picked up by thousands of business owners who are looking for content writers via listings like the SeekaHost Directory.

Pro tip: Starting your own blog using WordPress can be an easy task and you can find many tutorials online where you can set up your own blog. However, it is important to choose a premium WordPress theme so you can easily design your own blog.

Endless Opportunities To Get Paid Online

As you can see there are various ways that you can earn an income from blogging and the advantages speak for themselves. 

So, if you are serious about making money from blogging then check out other guides that cover this subject in more depth such as the SeekaHost University Guide and the Make Money Online in Germany Guide and you will get a better understanding of the ways that you can start generating an income via the internet, which even goes beyond blogging and copywriting.