Why Would You Need A Kegerator?

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The term kegerator originates from two words, which is keg and refrigerator. If you ask what is the use of this equipment, it is a specially designed draft beer dispensing machine. So how does it work? Kegerators are designed to hold kegs, generally filled with beer, and keep it fresh for an extended period of time.  Moreover, this equipment comes with a pressurized carbon dioxide tank to help dispense the keg. If you have been thinking about having that long planned party with fresh beer supplied directly from your living room, or an event at your office, you might want to think of buying a kegerator. If you are not sure about this, let’s talk about why you should invest in a kegerator.

Different Sizes

Kegerators come in different shapes and sizes, so you can easily find one that suits your needs. The first type is the mini kegerator, which is suitable for limited spaces. These are generally self-pressured countertop dispensers, that can hold a small keg of around five liters. Meanwhile, there are full sized home kegerators, and as the name suggests, these are for residential use. These can hold a full, or at times a half barrel keg. Other types include commercial kegerators, which can store anything up to a barrel and outdoor kegerators that are suitable for garages, patios, and basements.

Save Money

Many people might consider kegerators to be a useless investment, as life would go on for beer lovers anyway. However, it is to be noted that buying beer by kegs is quite cost effective, which is similar to buying other things in bulk. In fact, your savings will cover the cost of the kegerator in a short span of time.

Stay at Home

Of course, you do love visiting the bar with your friends, but at times you just don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your home. This is exactly when your kegerator comes handy. You can have a cosy get together with your friends, without worrying about bar closure timings or even the cost. What more, you can also show off your machine to your friends, who are surely going to envy you.

Enjoy Fresh Beer All the Time

As mentioned earlier, kegerators help keep beer fresh for a long period of time. So if you are a beer aficionado, nothing else can be a bigger deciding factor, when it comes to buying a kegerator. If you were to ask how long would your beer stay fresh, it is anything up to three months. All the more reason for you to invest in it.

Conversion Kit

If you are still not sure about putting your money in a kegerator, you might want to invest in a conversion kit. Yes, it is quite easy to convert your refrigerator into an on demand beer dispensing machine. Not to mention, it is cheaper compared to buying a brand new kegerator. If this idea sounds more appealing to you, do make sure that you take the right measurements of your existing refrigerator before starting the process of converting it into a kegerator. Make sure that you follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the conversion kit manual. Additionally, seek out an expert if you are stuck at any point, or not sure about something.

Kegerators are fast becoming a status symbol for many, and there are thousands of beer enthusiasts willing to invest in these. Just remember that these machines also need regular maintenance and care, so that your fresh draft beer keeps flowing.

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