When Will the Pregnancy Start Showing?

It is a very common question to mothers-to-be when shall I be showing pregnancy? You may be feeling excited thinking the changes that may occur in your body. Every woman is different you know? More particularly, if you are a first-time mom-to-be your baby bump may start developing sometime between 12 and 16 weeks of pregnancy. But if it is your second or third issue you may start showing your pregnancy little earlier. This is so happened due to the reason that your muscles in the uterus and belly are already experiencing stretching from your last pregnancy.
Early signs of pregnancy
Many women, however, at the initial stage of pregnancy do not feel any changes even after a few weeks of conception and think that they may feel it when they notice a missed menstrual cycle. Let us talk about some common early pregnancy symptoms which may occur to some women or all.
  • Sore nipples or hyper-sensitivity — At the very early stage of pregnancy, a woman may feel soreness in her nipples due to hormonal changes in the body.
  • Spotting and cramping — It is a common sign that may occur when a woman missed her period, a pink or brown-colored light spot called implantation bleeding may be seen. This has happened when the egg is fertilized and attached with the uterine wall and the uterus stretches. This stretching often causes cramp.
  • Nausea — It is also a common symptom at the early stage of the pregnancy. It is called morning sickness though it may occur at other time of the day or night. It generally starts at about six weeks of conception or even earlier in some cases.
  • Tender swollen breast — Starting from five to six weeks pregnancy you will feel that your breasts are tightening, becoming larger and swollen with a prominent presence of blue veins just below the skin.
  • Feeling tired quickly and shortness of breath — This is also a common pregnancy symptom.
  • Frequent urination — you will start urinating more frequently from six weeks of your pregnancy.
  • Nipples turned darker — Circle of skin around the nipples turns darker at about eight weeks of pregnancy.
  • Food aversion and sensitivity to smell — Some of the women feel this even before a missed period with a metallic taste in the mouth and can’t stand the taste of fish and egg which they would like most with a sensitivity to odors.
  • Baby bump — At about 12 to 16 weeks of pregnancy, you will find changes in your abdomen as the first trimester is going to be ended. You will also notice that the earlier clothes are not fitting you and perhaps you need new maternity clothes.
Why not every woman shows the same symptoms?
It is hard to compare symptoms of pregnancy from one woman to other. The reasons for showing pregnancy may show differently because of:
  • Previous pregnancy
  • Earlier abdominal surgery
  • The position of the baby
  • Your body shape and weight
  • Number of babies you are carrying