Regaining Your Former Vitality And Sexual Function

Regaining Your Former Vitality And Sexual Function
As you age, your body loses some of the functions that you may have taken for granted.  You may notice that your libido has diminished greatly.  You also may have difficulties achieving an erection before intimacy.  

These problems typically embarrass and frustrate men as they enter their 40s and 50s.  They wonder what they did wrong with their lifestyles to cause these problems.  They also wonder how they can regain functions that are important to their everyday life.  

Regaining Your Former Vitality And Sexual Function

Rather than relinquish your former sexual function, you may be able to restore it by undergoing professional treatment for it.  With counseling, medicinal care, and erectile dysfunction treatment Pittsburgh residents like you may enjoy renewed vitality and interest. 

Understanding the Causes of Your Dysfunction 

If you are like many men, you may blame yourself or someone else for your problem.  You might believe that you drank too many beers as a young man or failed to stay in shape.  You also may blame your partner for your inability to perform. 

In truth, the underlying cause can stem from factors well beyond your control.  Conditions like thyroid disease, high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes all contribute to this problem.  You may have been the victim of genetics more than your lifestyle choice and unable to have escaped this problem even if you tried. 

Diagnosis and Treatment 

Before you can get treatment, however, you need to know for sure what is causing your dysfunction.  Your doctor can perform a thorough exam to discover what illness or condition could be contributing to your inability to perform.  Once the cause is known your doctor can then formulate the best course of treatment. 

Your care will be thorough, discreet, and in line with your current health conditions and illnesses from which you suffer.  You will not be subjected to anything that could compromise other aspects of your health like your sight, ability to walk, or memory. 

You will remain under the care of the doctor for as long as necessary to help you restore your function.  You may then be able to resume normal sexual intimacy and no longer feel hampered by the effects of aging, illnesses, or conditions beyond what you can control. 

Sexual intimacy is an important part of adults’ lives even after they reach their 40s, 50s, and older.  You can restore your youthful function and vigor by undergoing professional ED treatment.