How To Improve The Delicate Eye Skin Area. Best Repair Tips.

How To Improve The Delicate Eye Skin Area

There is one part of our body that shows how much stressed out we are and we can’t hide it (well, with proper makeup techniques, you can)! Close inspection of the eyelids and the skin circling the eyes, you may find some premature signs of aging! Well, the signs vary and are greatly affected by the level of stress you face every day! Yes, stress and some other factors affect that delicate skin covering the eye are!

Did you know? Our eyes give a hint of our age (or stress levels!)? I bet you know some young stressed out people looking old because of tired and wrinkly skin around the eyes! I know you don’t want to be like that! That’s why you’re here! You are looking for ways to avoid that! Here it goes. Below are seven ways to improve the skin around your eyes!

1. Apply Skin Care Products That Are Specially Designed For The Skin Surrounding The Eyes.

One effective way to rehydrate and restore your skin’s healthy glow is by using beauty products. But not just any product. You also need to be careful in choosing them Eye creams are especially designed to give the skin surrounding your eyes optimum hydration and restore its health.

A product with glycerin and Jojoba oil, which you can find on Dermalactives Eye Cream, is an effective combination you can use to reduce fine lines and crow’s feet.

2. Moisturize.

One of the reasons why skin looks dull and old is because of the lack of moisture. Well, if it’s moisture that is missing, it’s moisture that will solve the problem! Moisturize your face, especially the skin surrounding the eyes, regularly. By regularly, I mean as frequent as needed!

Sometimes, the weather is just too hot or too dry that it can suck up the moisture in your skin!

3. Perk Up Your Eyes.

Drinking caffeine can dilate your pupils! That’s just how caffeine works when drunk. On the other hand, you also include them in your beauty regimen. You can use it to perk up your eyes! Soak it in hot water for a minute, to activate the caffeine, then dunk them in ice water. Now, lie down, relax, and place it in your eyes. Let it rest for about fifteen minutes.

This will help you alleviate that puffiness and reduce eyebags.

4. Apply Topical Vitamin K Products.

Another problem with our delicate skin surrounding the eyes is its high likelihood to darken. The more we are deprived of sleep (and exposed to stress), the darker they can get! I know, it’s like our own skin is betraying us!

A research study conducted in 2003 found that applying topical vitamin K and retinol under the eyes had 33% reduced dark circles.

5. Perform Eye Exercises.

One of the reasons we exercise is to maintain our bodies healthy and enjoy a long life. Well, you know what, we often neglect our facial muscles. Our facial muscle is important in maintaining the shape and integrity of our face. If its weak, it will sag. Now, it’s only equally important to do facial exercises to keep the muscles on our faces strong.

Do some fast blinking, and some yoga inspired static holds. Open your eyes as wide as you can and hold it for a few seconds. Repeat a few more times. This may not have an instant effect, but in the long run, you will be glad you did it sooner than later.

6. Eat Vitamin C-rich Foods.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. We don’t pay much attention to antioxidants because we don’t see free radicals and we don’t feel them damaging our skin. But free radicals are there, science has long proven it, and we should fight it. Eating fruits rich in vitamin C can help you supply with the vitamin C you need!

7. Wear Sunscreen.

We are all thankful for the sunlight, aren’t we all? But the sun has something that can damage our skin! Especially the delicate skin surrounding the eyes! Apply some sunscreen even when you are not going to the beach. This will protect your skin from the harmful effects of the UV rays of the sun!

There you go! These are some essential stuff that every lady should be doing to prevent damaged skin and wrinkly face, most especially the skin surrounding the eyes! Take care of your skin!