Designer Denims To Look For In 2017

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Denims are currently one of the most fashion trends in the market. Denims were discovered in 17th century by Levi Strauss and Company after given patent right from U.S patent and trademark office. These denims are commonly blue or black in color though there are other brown, silver, grey and even denims with applications in the market currently. Denims are durable clothes that last for many years before they become worn out; they are made from rugged material that is of high quality to give you long lasting service. You can choose not to wash your denims frequently to maintain its texture for longer period of time, but you have to hang them on lines to remove the odor that comes with storing worn clothes. These denims are inspired by fashion experiments, artistic work or modern designs.

Denims Designs

Denims are found in varied designs as follows:

  • Skinny denims – these are type of jeans that clung your hips down to your legs. They reveal your shape and figure and are suitable for dates, night outs and cold seasons.
  • Overall denims – these jeans are best worn with t-shirts or sweaters to cover your upper parts not to reveal your breast or cleavarage. There are also the overalls that can be worn with dresses. Match your denim with tie-dye denim dress for super look.
  • Denim sets – this is where denims are matched. You can choose to mach a denim trouser, short or pants with a short-sleeved denim jacket or long-sleeved. You are advised to wear same color when matching denim.
  • Denim with applications – these types of jeans are made more attractive and unique by adding embroideries to it matching with your blouse, t-shirt or top.
  • Torn denims – these jeans have holes, broken edges or cartoons to give an extra look. They are best worn on a casual occasions.
  • Combined denims – these jeans have pockets of different colors than of the jeans. They can have patches or holes with patterns. These additions give the jeans advantage when it comes to matching it with other fashion trends like t-shirts or blouses.
  • High waist denims – the jeans are specially designed to sit above your waist. It reveals the figure or shape of a woman. They are preferably worn with a fitting top.
  • Flared denims – these are jeans with wide legs starting from your knees downwards which are suitable for cold seasons.
  • Cuffed denims – these are jeans with varying lengths and has unusual texture and make one of your official outfits.

Types of Denims

Denims come in different types and are as below:

  • Trousers – There are denim trousers, which are of distinct designs; they can be skinny, torn jeans, high waist, jeans with applications, flared or cuffed. Denim trousers are common in any population and are of different colors. These jeans can be worn to most occasions as you choose the design you are comfortable in. you can wear them with flats, wedges or sneakers.
  • Jackets – Denim jackets can be worn with a denim trousers or shorts to give a perfect match. They can also be worn with other types of fashions to have a beautiful match. They are short-sleeved or long-sleeved denims for both women and men to suit your seasons. During hot seasons, you can choose to put on short-sleeved denim and long-sleeved denim during the cold seasons.
  • Shorts – These are denims that reach your knees. They can be with pockets, patches or applications of your choice. They can be well matched with a denim jackets and be completed by sneakers or flats. Denim shorts are also suitable for picnics.


These denims types can be worn with t-shirts, sweaters or tie-dye dresses.

Benefits of having Denim

  • They are durable.
  • They are of different sizes as for young, adults and old people.
  • Make you look elegant.
  • They are not washed frequently.
  • Skinny denim clung on your body to give you an attractive figure.


Denims are among the current fashion trends and give you long service for its durable and quality material. They can be found in their original color or bleached denim, and can be a heavy denim or medium weight denim. This makes them match any season and occasion. Depending on your choice, you have a variety to have when it comes to denim. Denims texture breaks down as you wear it and become softer than when it was initially bought. They suit various occasions and with them, you are guaranteed of an elegant look anytime anywhere.