Benefits Of Going Solar – Gain An Insight Of The Economic Friendly Solutions

Solar Panel Climate Change

The solar market has experienced a tremendous growth of 76% in the year 2012. Earlier, solar power was not easily available to the households. Many of you might wonder the reasons to go solar. Here are some topmost benefits of switching to solar energy.

Will you Actually Save on Solar Power?

According to the experts, the solar panels could save you more than $100 every month. If you think for long run, you could actually save above $30000. The scientists have shown that households can save up to $64000 in 20 years.

The solar leasing options and purchase power agreements will help you to save money from the very first day. The pay-as-you-go financing options are quite beneficial. According to this option, the solar provider will take care of everything from installation to maintenance and monitoring of the system. You just have to pay the company for power consumed. It would be surely less you used to pay to the utility company.

If you can afford, it better to pay in cash. It has a payback period of less than, a decade. The statistics show that in many countries five years of monthly savings equals overall cost of solar system. Besides reducing the electricity costs, it will increase the attractiveness and value of your home. You would have to pay low property tax in future. Homes with good home energy ratings are always preferable.

As per the latest study conducted by national renewable energy laboratory (NREL), the homes with fitted solar panels have 20% more chances of being sold at 17% more money.

Most of the solar panel installers San Diego offer 20- 25 years of warranty on solar panel. They believe that the system will still provide 80% of the performance after 25 years. Undoubtedly, the life span of solar panels is exceptionally outstanding. They will generate great electricity for about 30 years without hassle.

How is the Solar Energy Environment Friendly

Most of you will switch to solar energy because it is pocket friendly. However, there are great environmental benefits associated with these systems. Most of the developed countries release more than 17.9% of carbon emissions every year.

If release of carbon emissions is not stopped now, it will lead to global warming and many other natural disasters. The solar energy panels are effective to lower carbon footprints. The experts believe that solar systems will reduce 100000lbs. of carbon emissions in 2 decades.

Earlier, it was difficult to find the best solar powered systems for domestic and commercial purposes. Now, the things have become smoother with hundreds of solar companies in the country. However, with so many options available it is bit confusing to shortlist the best one.

You must go for the companies that have team of highly qualified solar consultants. They will analyze of situation, requirements and sort through the options. Most of the companies offer free consultation. You could clarify the doubts and check how much you can save by switching to solar power.