Pros and Cons Of Home Alarm System

Pros and Cons f Home Alarm System

Individuals install home alarm systems in their homes to safeguard their house from break-ins and robberies and notify the police in case of such a situation. These alarm systems are extremely beneficial for the peace of mind of the house owners and the safety of their property, but there are times when these alarm systems have failed to work and proved useless. This article explains the pros and cons of home alarm systems.

Increase in the number of cases of robberies and thefts in houses are the cause for sleepless nights for most people. Whether they are out of the house or within, there are always chances of someone breaking into the house and stealing valuables from the house. This is one of the prime reasons why most people think of added security for their homes. The most favorite kind of security system among house owners is the response wireless alarm system which is easy to install and covers maximum area. Also the sensors are strong enough and respond quickly ensuring that help reaches soon.


A lot of companies are now developing alarm systems for homes and businesses which is why it is quite easy to find cheap home alarm systems that are efficient and at the same time economical. But there are many people who are still not convinced about the need for these alarm systems in the house. They feel that these could be something like an insurance policy which one would invest in but might never have the use for. On the other hand, there are others whose house and property have been saved by these alarms from being robbed, and thus vouch for the effectiveness of these.

Looking at the two different perspectives, a study was conducted where police officials and robbers were questioned about the alarm system and this is what was concluded:

  • A burglar takes an average of 67 seconds to break into a house.
  • About 73% robbers confessed that they would avoid breaking into a house that had a security alarm system.
  • About 60% burglaries were unsuccessful because the houses had an alarm system.
  • 85% police officers believe that homes with response wireless alarm systems are less prone to being broken into.


Thus, it is important that one invests in a home alarm system for one’s house. Get the best intruder alarms in UK. These alarm systems are extremely beneficial but at the same time have some disadvantages too. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of these cheap home alarm systems:


  • Instant Notification to Police: As soon as a robber breaks into the house, the police are intimated about it through a phone call which ensures quick response.
  • Alarm Sound: When a thief breaks into the house, some alarm systems give out a shrill noise which is enough to attract attention and scare away the robbers.
  • Chime Facility: According an expert of intruder alarms in UK, most home alarm systems have an in-built chime facility, which intimates the people in the house whenever someone enters or leaves the house. This is definitely a beneficial feature.


  • False Alarm: There are times when the alarm can go off without any reason which could be an inconvenience to the house owner as well as to the others. Also most local police charge the house owners for false alarms.
  • Forgetting to Set the Alarm: In case you forget to set the alarm, there is no way that the alarm would work in case of a break in.

Home alarm systems have their share of benefits as well as disadvantages, but it always better to be safe than sorry.