4 Money Saving Tips When Preparing To Move

4 Money Saving Tips When Preparing To Move

If your moving day is on the horizon, it’s likely you’re suddenly encountering a bunch of costs you weren’t expecting. Add to that the large amount of money you just spent to purchase a new home and you’ll likely be looking for any way you can to save money. Fortunately, with a few money-saving tricks, you can stay in budget and have a little left over to treat yourself to a well-deserved massage.

Time to Downsize

For all that’s written about simplifying and purging your belongings, there is no better or more effective process for doing this than packing up to move. As you go through each room and pack it all up, look carefully for items you don’t use anymore that you could get rid of. If you do this successfully, when the time comes to load it all on a truck, you may find that you can downsize the truck needed, thus saving you money. Plus, you’ll save money on any necessary packing supplies by having fewer belongings to pack.

You Need Help

Having friends and family help you move can be a great way to build new bonds as well as save some money. Careful attention must be given, however, to ensuring that the people you recruit to help you move are able to carefully load your items on the moving truck.

If not, perhaps hiring a professional mover, like Wheaton World Wide Moving, would be a better route to take, so you can have the assurance that your items are being handled by pros and you will be compensated if anything ends up broken. If you still want family and friends to be able to help, perhaps recruit them to help you pack up boxes or unpack once you’re in your new home.

Box Hunter

Cardboard boxes, for their simplicity, can be quite expensive. Even though it’s easier to go to your local store and buy all the boxes you need, finding used boxes for your move instead can save you a lot of money. Ask around at different stores to see if they have any boxes available or drive around the backs of stores and see if you can find any cardboard boxes stacked by the dumpster. It may take longer but these boxes will be just as good and you may even be able to find some different-sized boxes than what is available in stores, providing a perfect packing solution for odd-sized items.

Make the Cut

Another extra expense you can run into when moving is having to pay for the utilities at your old home, even when you’ve already moved and are no longer utilizing them. To avoid this extra cost, be sure to know your billing dates so you can have the services cut off with enough advance notice to prevent overruns. Of course, don’t cut off any essential utilities until you’ve actually moved out to ensure you are comfortable during the moving-out process.

What It’s Worth

At the end of the day, the moving process is something you’ll want to complete as soon as possible. The longer it gets dragged out, the more stressful it can become. Therefore, if there are some areas where a little more money spent provides a little more convenience, it’s probably a good idea to spend the extra money. After all, your time is valuable as well, and if all your time is being spent doing tasks you could pay someone else to do, it might be worth it during this complicated process.