4 Fundamentals To Choosing Virtual Offices In Hong Kong

4 Fundamentals To Choosing Virtual Offices In Hong Kong

Doing business in Hong Kong has been a goal of entrepreneurs and business owners for decades. Due to its strategic position in Asia, this bustling city is a place where successful companies come to expand operations, connect with new clients and enter new markets. It’s an exciting place to do business with a myriad of opportunities for almost every type of business to explore. It was tied in first place in the Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom with Singapore, and Switzerland in 2017 for trade freedom, which shows the possibilities that exist for businesses in Hong Kong.

4 Fundamentals To Choosing Virtual Offices In Hong Kong

However, despite the huge amount of opportunity in Hong Kong, entering the Hong Kong business space does come with its share of challenges. Mostly it boils down to cultural differences and expense. Hong Kong was ranked as the second most expensive city to live in the world in 2017, being knocked off the top spot by the Angolan capital, Luanda, making it prohibitive for some small businesses to establish an office there.

With that said, the rise in popularity of virtual offices gives young businesses, SMEs and startups an opportunity to get started in Hong Kong without having to pay out expensive rental rates. Here are some of the fundamentals of choosing a virtual office space for your business in Hong Kong.

Short-Term Contracts

If you’re entering Hong Kong for the first time, you may not want to commit to a physical office space right away, never mind a rigid 3-5 year lease in the city’s CBD. Premium virtual office providers such as Servcorp offer short-term contracts to companies allowing them to gain a foothold in the local market with very little risk. There are no long-term commitments required; you can stay for one month or for your entire career. To learn more about these flexible, contract options, visit this link: www.servcorp.com.hk/en/virtual-offices/.

Dedicated Receptionist

Instead of having to take the time to hire your own staff in Hong Kong, a dedicated, bilingual receptionist will be assigned to you. They will be able to take calls on your behalf or forward calls and messages to you. This immediately gives the perception of a large, professional operation to clients and partners in Hong Kong.

Prime Location

Virtual offices in Hong Kong are located at the most prestigious locations in the CBD. An address at one of these locations will elevate your businesses reputation instantly and will help to build trust in your company or brand. Being associated with an established, sought-after business address can do wonders for your business in competitive international markets like Hong Kong.

IT Infrastructure

Setting up a reliable IT service takes time and money, and can be very difficult when you’re not familiar with the local providers or language. Utilising world-class IT services, virtual offices come equipped with everything you need to stay connected and in command of your communications. And, it’s all set up for you, so you don’t have to worry about any of the setup costs or lose time during the installation period.

Why You Should Choose a Virtual Office in Hong Kong

A virtual office in Hong Kong allows you to easily establish a presence in one of the most prolific business hubs in the world. From your prestigious address, you will be able to contact local clients and investors with confidence, knowing that your location in the city gives added value to your business.

With a dedicated phone line and receptionist, you will never miss a call, as no matter where in the world you are, calls can always be forwarded to your personal number. This, in turn, allows your office to maintain an air of professionalism and prestige building trust locally in your organization, improving your business relations in Hong Kong and ultimately increasing your client list and bottom line.