5 Best IT Startup Incubators In Florida

Startup incubators became very popular on the entrepreneurial scene in recent years. By encouraging more and more new entrepreneurs to apply, programs of those incubators allow many startups to emerge. Some programs support new entrepreneurs with practical consulting, mentorship, or funding.

Those incubators often help new entrepreneurs to develop ideas and launch them on the market.

Some of the best IT startup incubators that can be found in Florida are Abbeton Accelerator Fund Sarasota, Gainesville Technology Enterprise Center Gainesville, The Incubator at Innovation Park Tallahassee, Tampa Bay Innovation Center Largo, and National Entrepreneur Center Orlando.

Abbeton Accelerator Fund, Sarasota was registered in 2012 and it primarily provides Internet/Web services. It has operated acively for more than 4 years and during that time it gained a reputation of a company whose experts can help developing and implementing ideas in less than 4 months. It provides necessary mentorship and capital needed.

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Gainesville Technology Enterprise Center Gainesville (GTEC) is a business incubator located in southeast Gainesville, Florida. The owner of this incubator is the city, and it is managed by Santa Fe College. The ultimate goal of this incubator is to provide new entrepreneurs with all the necessary tools, services, and support in order to implement an entrepreneurial idea and grow into financially stable enterprises. GTEC also strives to develop partnerships and low costs, while its vision is related to the accelerating economic development.

5 Best IT Startup Incubators In Florida

The Incubator at Innovation Park, Tallahassee is a new incubator in planning phase that will have a high quality mentoring and education services that can help startup companies become successful and recognized on the market. It will also provide an access for research and a chance for cooperation. This Incubator is a great opportunity for all companies that want to grow in Tallahassee, which is one of not so many cities with a huge entrepreneurial potential in the country.

5 Best IT Startup Incubators In Florida

Tampa Bay Innovation Center, Largo provides opportunities for networking with other entrepreneurs together with mentorship programs. Mentors from Tampa Bay Innovation Center are passionate about sharing their experience and ideas in order to help as much as they can. The mission of Tampa Bay Innovation Center is to accelerate the entrepreneurial success. This incubator operates since 2003.

Another one startup incubator that is popular and provides high quality services is National Entrepreneur Center, Orlando (NEC), located in Orlando Fashion Square. In case you are visiting Orlando for the first time, we recommend hiring a car in Orlando in order to make your journey more comfortable. It is founded in 2003, and since then it provides business mentorship and other related programs. One-one-one business coaching services are free, while business seminars are low-cost, which makes them an affordable but quality startup incubator. NEC services also include an access to many helpful business resources.

5 Best IT Startup Incubators In Florida

These startup incubators undoubtedly give a chance to work on business ideas and to be educated about the best ways to realize them. In this article, we included some of startup incubators in Florida, and we have no doubt that, if you’re a new entrepreneur with a hot idea, you will find time to visit them. Head to Florida and start your startup journey!