Using A Recumbent Exercise Bike Has Its Benefits

Using A Recumbent Exercise Bike Has Its Benefits

One of the most common exercise equipment that is found in gyms and in homes is the exercise bike. Also known as the stationary bike, it is one of the most important exercise machines that can provide you the best results in terms of your health and fitness. Indeed, it can be used to burn calories and help in improving your cardiovascular endurance. It can also be used for warm-ups in preparation for your weight training. With numerous features and other technologies, the exercise bike allows you to program your workout on a set time period, as well as adjust the level of resistance to simulate steady to uphill biking.

If you are not too keen to go to the gym, or if you have a real bicycle to use for fitness purposes but can’t go out to ride due to bad weather, it might be best if you purchase a stationary bike that you can keep and use inside your home. For sure, whatever health and fitness goals you have would surely be achieve if you use it at the comfort of your home. However, with numerous designs to choose from, it could be hard for you to choose the right one for your needs.

Basically, there are two types of exercise bikes: the traditional upright bike and the recumbent bike. Both are capable of providing you the results that you want, though the former is usually the most popular type due to its resemblance to a true bicycle. However, there are some things when it comes to using the recumbent bike that, even with its difference in design, makes it a better choice over the former.

Indeed, in choosing for the right exercise bike, it might be best for you to take a look at the following benefits of using a recumbent bike:

  • More muscles are targeted when using the recumbent exercise bike. The reason for this lies on the way you are positioned when you use it. On a recumbent type, you are actually sitting in a slightly reclined position, with your legs stretched out in-front of you where the pedal is located. This is different from when you use the traditional type wherein you are seated and your legs are below you. The positioning of your legs and the way you are seated on the recumbent type allows you to engage more muscles. 
  • Using a recumbent type is more comfortable. Sometimes, many people find upright bikes hard to use due to various reasons. Of course, there is the problem of smaller seats, which could be painful on the buttocks. The absence of any support may strain their backs. With the recumbent type, such problems are eradicated because you have a big enough seat that provides back support in a reclined position. Your weight is evenly distributed when you are on it than when you are seated on an upright bike. 
  • Everyone using it is ensured safety. The recumbent exercise bike is lower to the ground than the upright exercise bike. Indeed, you can easily get on and off it, which is why it is the best option not just for you, but for people who are rehabbing from injuries and the elderly. 
  • Your workout routine becomes longer when you are on the recumbent bike. Because you are seated comfortably on the recumbent bike, you extend your workout and focus more on your exercise routine with gusto. Obviously, when you are not comfortable, especially if the upright bicycle does not suit you because of the pain on the buttocks and strain on your back, then you don’t get to perform your workouts more often wherein you may likely skip a day or two. 

These are some of the benefits of using this type of exercise bike. It is really up to you to pick the best type of stationary bike, but if you value comfort and ease of use, not to mention try a different way to maneuver yourself on said exercise machine, then you might as well consider the recumbent exercise bike.