SMS Spy At Workplace For Better Employee Monitoring?

SMS Spy At Workplace For Better Employee Monitoring?
It’s not a controversial debate anymore whether to monitor employees or not. Many of thebiggest heists and scams are the work of people within the firm. This has really influenced the confidence of employers at the verge of oblivion. The employees need to understand that the use of monitoring tools is done there, only to refine good ones from the bad. Businesses tend to fail because of their negligence towards internal security and surveillance. Others can’t really afford thousands of dollars as a start-up for this purpose.

To know what your employees are up to, all you have to do is SMS spy, using a smartphone monitoring app like XNSPY.

What Can XNSPY Do?

It can let you read all the SMS of your employees through a control panel. You will require the app to be downloaded and installed in the employees’ company-provided devices. All the conversations made by your employees afterwards will be accessible with complete contact details. You can monitor as many mobile phones as you want and there is no upload limit on XNPSY’s server.

SMS Spy At Workplace For Better Employee Monitoring?

Is It Just A SMS Spying App?

No it isn’t! Instead, it’s a complete software that has scrutinized every aspect of smartphone monitoring. There are many other smart features of this app like:
  • Call tracking and recording: you can keep a log of all the calls made or received by your employees. Also, you can intercept their calls through call recording option. So if you employees are conspiring against your company, there will be a physical evidence to it.
  • Email monitoring: this is one of the famous channel used by employees to disseminate company information to the outsiders. Of all the employee termination, half of it was done due to email and internet abuse (Electronic Monitoring & Surveillance Survey).
  • Location tracking: one of your bad employees might be out there, having an exquisite lunch with the CEO of your rival firm. You can not only check their real-time location, but you can also geo-fence your employees. So that if they roam into any such place, they will be caught red-handed because this SMS spying app will send a notification to the control panel that your employees are in an unauthorized place. You can also check their location history.

Whatever may be your reason to monitor your employees, SMS spy app like XNSPY will suffice for the purpose.