5 Best Fashion Tricks To Make You Look Slimmer At The Party

5 Best Fashion Tricks To Make You Look Slimmer At The Party

Fashion tricks can help you conceal some problems with your body, no matter what your body shape is. These tricks will come handy when you’re invited to party in a short notice. Urgent fashion tricks will conceal some annoying fat on certain areas of your body, such as the back of your arms, your thighs, your butt or your abs. It’s obvious that you will not have enough time to exercise or diet, to get ready for the party. Therefore, first thing first, you need to look gorgeous even with some extra pounds. Have confidence with your body and outfit. Below are tricks that will help you to disguise all unwanted extra pounds, you can also read them at JustFab.com.

5 Best Fashion Tricks To Make You Look Slimmer At The Party

  1. Volumes and details

Having volumes and details can help to draw attention away from your body parts that you’re keen to disguise. You need to place these volumes or details in strategic areas in your body in order to create a balanced body shape. A good example is, if you have big thighs and thin neck, you can wear a blouse that has volume on the upper part of your body. This will divert attention from your bottom half, and vice versa is applicable too. In case you have the right volumes and details, you can also use accessories that can draw people’s attention.

  1. Find the color

Fashion experts say that dark shaded dresses not necessarily black, midnight blue or dark grey can make you appear slimmer and thinner. This is a great trick to follow and you can always include dark shaded dresses in your wardrobe. Another trick is to wear monochromatic outfits, which lengthens your body silhouette. It’s advisable not to wear all the pieces of monochromatic outfits in the same tone. You can substitute with the pieces of same color family. For example, if you go for dark maroon sleeveless top, then you wear a light maroon skirt.

  1. Emphasize the waistline

Every woman knows how to create a good balance in her upper and lower body no matter what the height, scale, body shape or proportion she have. Paying attention on your waistline can help you to create a well proportioned hour-glass figure. You enhance your curves with waistbands or belts and it will draw attention to parts of your body you might want to highlight.

  1. Prints and Patterns

Vertical stripes are said to make you look slimmer and taller. But, vertical lines on your head and toe can create an impression that you’re overly confined to the fashion rules. You can add few surprises by going for different designs in vertical lines. Adding few colors or dimensions can help you compliment your look.

Patterns and prints are very useful when it comes to drawing attention of your dress. Small prints are used to draw attention away, while brighter or bigger prints are eye-grabbing. Having some prints at the center will make you appear slimmer. Celebrities nowadays are wearing optical illusion dresses that help to create a beautiful hour-glass silhouette. These types of dresses worth buying for you since they will make you look slimmer.

  1. Wear body shaper

If you’re faced with an urgent situation such as short notice party invitation, it’s important to invest in body shaper or corset which can help you create a visual slim figure. Although this trick may feel little uncomfortable to wear daily, but some people do wear them to shed some extra pounds.