How To Layer Your Clothes This Winter

Layering clothes is a really great idea when you’re looking at the pictures of beautiful models somehow combining two coats, a scarf and an extra thick hat and still looking chic. So why doesn’t it always work on the everyday consumer? There are lots of reasons, but mainly it is because most of us don’t get our hair and makeup done professionally and aren’t models. A lot of what they wear simply isn’t relevant on the high street, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be inspired by it. Layering can look great on everyone, it’s just a case of experimenting, being open minded and combining practicality and aesthetics to make winter warmth work for you. Here are some tips to help you:

Be Ready To Experiment

Layering can be done in so many different ways, and several ways might be unflattering on you, but several ways might look amazing on you, it is all about experimenting. You will need to be open minded but you can and will find a winning layering method to suit your individual style.

Go To A Store Before Shopping Online

Before going to your favourite online ladies fashion store, visit a shop to try on lots of layering looks. Try various combinations of jumpers, cardigans, belts and coats until you find a combination you love, then you can go and get the best online discounts in the comfort of your own home.

How To Layer Your Clothes This Winter

Be Creative With Prints

Don’t be afraid to combine abstract prints. It is so easy to stick to a neutral (but dismal) palette of black, grey, navy and burgundy in winter because those colours combine well, but prints can really bring your look to life and add visual texture to an otherwise drab outfit.

Socks And Tights

Socks can go over tights – this is definitely a thing. Pop socks look particularly great with tights, as do knee high socks combined with tights and chunky boots. In most cases the socks look best with sheer tights, not thick knitted ones.

Take Advantage Of The Cape Trend

You may have noticed there are capes everywhere. From gorgeous hooded ones in muted desert stripes, to bright and vibrant chunky mexican style beauties. Capes offer you the perfect way to layer up, because unlike coats which can drown an entire outfit out, they let the top underneath peak through creating an easy layered look.

Consider Trading Your Beanie

Beanie hats are in regardless of whether you’re into pom poms or not, and that is great for the cold-headed fashionista, but not for those looking to layer up an outfit and make it look chic. A fedora or floppy hat look wonderful with the right layered outfits, especially capes, and bring a great air of sophistication to anyone’s look.

Consider A Shawl

If capes aren’t really your thing, consider a shawl for a more feminine, sleek look. Tassels are still very much in, and the capacity for a more delicate print is bigger with shawls than with bulky coats or cosy capes.

Faux Fur Trims

A full faux fur coat can look very bulky, but a faux fur trim adds a tailored, fashionable look without any of the chunkyness.

Chic Accessories

If you want to layer up and look good, you will need sophisticated accessories like smart boots, delicate jewellry and a classic bag. Messy accessories will only make your overall look even more untidy and messy.

Hair And Makeup

Remember your hair and makeup do add to your overall look, and could be what is making your otherwise chic layered outfit a bit shabby. Although it can seem inviting to wear more makeup in winter to cover up super pale skin, it really isn’t a good idea and will only bring you out in spots and add a complicated edge to your already complex outfit. Strip your makeup right down to au naturelle and as a general rule, if your hair is going to be big, keep your clothes less voluminous to balance the whole look out.

Be Practical With Thin Layers

You don’t have to wear chunky knits and thick coats to stay warm. Lots of thin layers trap hot air in between them and keep you warm, and they make it easier for you to adjust your temperature levels should you need to add or take away a layer.