How To Get The Best Deal On A New Mobility Scooter

When the time comes to head out and pick up a mobility scooter for the first time, it’s pretty safe to say that the last thing anyone wants to think about is overpaying. After all, this isn’t the kind of thing anyone would ideally like to have to buy where they given any say in the matter, so the least you can ask for is the best possible deal and the promise of not having to pay a penny more than necessary.

According to the experts at, the overwhelming majority of sellers on the UK market today are 100% legit and therefore leave little need for concern when it comes to picking up a quality scooter. But at the same time, this doesn’t mean that all are offering the same kind of value for money and when it comes to making savings, there are certain tips and tricks that really could save you a small fortune.

Well, maybe not a small fortune, but a solid enough saving, anyway!

It used to be a case of just going for an obvious brand – Pride, Rascal, Sterling, Kymco and TGA Supersport for example – but over recent years the market has exploded with a million and one newcomers from across the UK and beyond. Needless to say, all are most certainly not cut from the same cloth, but at the same time value for money is no longer determined solely by the brand you choose.

So, if and when the time comes to pick up a scooter either for yourself or to offer as a life-changing gift, here’s a quick look at some of the most important tips of all for getting the best deal possible:

1 – Shop Around

First of all, if you were to go to a dozen dealers and take a look at the exact same scooter at all of them, chances are you’d get the idea why shopping around matters. Not only are some retailers more inclined to offer better deals than others on a day to day basis anyway, but the more you shop around the bigger the chance you have of coming across a special offer on the scooter you’re looking for. There are sales and seasonal specials at all times of the year up and down the UK, so it really does pay to put a little effort into shopping around just to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

2 – Shop Online

Pretty much along the same lines, one of the best ways of getting the best deal every time is to shop around by shopping online. In a matter of minutes, the web allows you to compare dozens of retailers without having to make a single trip out or even a phone-call to any of them. You can use price comparison websites or just visit their sites personally and see what’s on offer. And not only is this the very best way of finding the most affordable retailers on the market, but buying scooters and these kinds of things online is almost always much cheaper than buying them from a standard High Street retailer.

3 – Know What You Want

In terms of making the right choice, what’s guaranteed to save you a good chunk of money is knowing exactly what you want in the first place. The reason being that if you don’t establish exactly what it is that you want, there’s a pretty strong chance you’ll end up buying something that’s totally above and beyond what you needed. If, for example, you just want a little portable scooter to take on occasional days out, there’s really no need to spend thousands on the biggest and most powerful piece of machinery on the market. And as it’s generally in the interests of the sales team to make you spend as much as you possibly can, you can’t always rely on them to guide you appropriately – it’s up to you to know what you want!

4 – Ask the Right Questions

Knowing what you want means being able to ask all of the right questions. Does it come with everything I need? Is it covered by a long-term warranty? Will you come out to me if anything goes wrong or do I have to get it back to you? Does it require any assembly? Is delivery included? Make sure you think about all the important things you need to know and ask every last question before agreeing to a purchase.

5 – Seek Guarantees

Last but not least, never buy a scooter unless it is backed by guarantees of the highest quality and lowest price by the retailer – don’t take any unnecessary risks.