6 Unique Romantic Gifts For Men That Will Make His Year

Ok ladies, you are tired of the regular gifts from the stores down the street. Of course, if you are on this page it means you know the value of unique romantic gifts.

It could be challenging to find a gift that is unique and at the same time romantic for men. However, we will be giving you a way out with the 6 unique and romantic gift ideas below:

6 Unique Romantic Gifts For Men That Will Make His Year

  1. Couples Massage

Make arrangement for a massage session for you both. It will be a form of relaxation treat and offers the opportunity for some quiet time together.

Leave the mobile phones and gadgets at home, and take that day off, away from the usual daily chaos. Aside from it being a romantic gift, it is also a way of strengthening your relationship.

  1. Boudoir Shots

Have you ever made a sexy photo session just for him? Gather some of your sexy lingerie and make boudoir shots that you will present to him in a framed print.

My friend gives her husband an updated boudoir shot of herself yearly; no wonder their love life stays romantically steamy even after 18 years of being married.

Just make sure you don’t end up making pictures that you will not be comfortable with, you don’t have to be stark naked to achieve the required effect.

There are lots of professional photographers who can do a beautiful work with this. The aim is to be seductive and not slutty.

  1. Monogrammed Cufflinks

Do you also adore a sexily dressed man? Then you should know that a pair of classy cufflinks with engravings would add that absolute touch of class to him.

I presented this a few years ago to my husband and he still makes use of them. It appears little, but it is a great romantic present.  And engraving his initials on them gives it that additional touch that reminds him of your extra thought before selecting it.

  1. A Sexy Love Kit

These are kits that range from pretty nice and tame to very naughty, which gives you the chance to make a pick. My husband likes the little feather tickler and the massage oil.

The choice is all yours; just make sure the kit is packed with items that will make it a sexy bomb ready explode at anytime.

  1. An Engraved Band

It does not matter if you are married already or not; giving him a complementary ring is always appreciated.


Most people believe this particular gift to be one that only a man can give to a woman, which is why you should surprise him by getting him one.


It does not have to be a million dollar diamond ring; you can get a simple but cute ring and engrave his initials, date of birth, your marriage date, or any special date on it.


  1. Naughty Evening Cards


Last year, I had 52 weeks of naughty evenings with my husband and it was extremely fantastic. I got a set of naughty night cards that comes with two stacks of cards – one for her, one for him.


All you need is to slide him this card whenever you need a naughty night. Sometimes I used it as a stocking stuffer, sneak it into his jacket pocket, put on his car seat before leaving for work, and so on.


He will be so much in a hurry to return home after seeing this card. The cards come in form of scratch cards and each one will reveal a naughty act that you will do with your partner that night.


Isn’t that exciting? We had a lot of fun and it was so romantic. You can check romanticgifts4him.com for other ways to make a romantic evening with him.


Now tell me, which of these romantic gift ideas you will present him this year.