10 Best Eye Shadow Tutorials

10 Best Eye Shadow Tutorials
In the real world getting the looks of eye shadow to that of celebrities and models can be tricky one which needs complete care if not then it would go toward heaviness here we have discuss the best eye shadow tricks which will make you fresh and this will be long lasting means for all the day.

These are the steps which will lead you to the eye shadows Ideas makeup according to your desires.

What you have to do?

Simply follow these steps for charming and attractive eye shadow makeup.


the most important key for eye shadow. Blend which is the main important key for perfect eye shadows makeup which should done perfectly while the blocky eyes doesn’t gives you a natural look simply you say that the blocky eye doesn’t work good for natural looks. While blend is only important key to achieve any perfect eye shadow Ideas look. Instead of spongy application item which mostly present in a new eye shade packing you should have to focus on soft sculpted eye shadow brushes which can make the only difference. For creating soft eyes you have ensure that every shade of your lid merge with the next which can be done by rotating your brush.

10 Best Eye Shadow Tutorials

Base Building

Without fair share of work creating perfect eye shadows is difficult while preparing the eyelid base will prevent an unfocused look, smudging and messy. Foundation and powder in a little bit amount can be your start or you can also go for eye shadow Ideas primmer. Avoid all those greasy lids and your eye shadow look will become long lasting say for example from day to night.

Choosing the Right Color to Pop your Eyes

For those who have blue eyes so there is no use dark-brown shades which will only disappear the colors from your eyes so avoid this and try to use that things which comes fit on your unique set of peepers. Light brown, bronze colors shades and blue shadows will give a great look and feel to your blue eyes.
While that of green eyes which gives some great looks and feels with light browns, lavender, and dark green colors. You are so lucky if you have brown eyes because it can absorb any shades means you can apply any shades to brown eyes and ultimately it will gives you a great look. Easy Eye Shadow Ideas for Day and Evening 


With highlighting the right places will bring light to your eyes. Highlighting the brow bone and corners of your eyes with the right light shade can veil blemishes and light up your entire look.

Apply Shimmer Carefully

Wrinkles and creases can be highlighted with shimmery shadows so go for the shimmer shadows but ensure its use with safety you can also use creamy metallic colors.

For Big Eyes

Applying dark eye shadow excessively near to the lash line can make your eyes smaller seem littler than they really are. While for big eyes you have to with light colors and apply it at the base and darker the upward location upto the crease which will make your eyes big.