Steps For Finding Legitimate Car Dealerships

Release any feelings of worry or anxiety concerning your auto shopping duties. With the advent of social media you can gain access to scores of positive and negative dealership reviews at the click of a mouse.

The internet may be the great equalizer when it comes to receiving a fair and honest assessment of a dealership but an in person visit can seal the deal. Nothing trumps seeing a car dealership in person to rate both the staff and the location itself.

Conduct a Thorough In Person Visit

Watching everything from interactions between sales staff and customers to observing the cleanliness of a dealership helps you to find legitimate businesses. Keep an eye out for rude or pushy sales staff. If you see a few sales people applying pressurized sales tactics sprint to the next dealership. Don’t tolerate desperate, greedy or shifty sales workers who are employed by less than reputable dealerships.

Do look for honest, authentic, helpful sales people. These folks will never apply any heavy handed sales tactics as they know that force negates and power attracts. Demand a personalized, genuine approach to selling. Good, legitimate car dealerships will employ helpful, honest and kind workers.

Is the dealership clean? Almost every successful car dealership makes cleanliness a priority. In some cases it appears as if you could eat off the showroom floor. Image means everything in the big ticket world of auto sales. Make sure each car is clean and that the dealership itself is immaculate. If the dealership culture isn’t focused on creating a clean, orderly, professional environment you can be sure that this lack of attention paid to detail will leak down through the organization.

Walk around the dealership from the showroom floor, to the sales office to the bathrooms. Assessing the overall cleanliness of the dealership gives you a glimpse into if you’re dealing with a legit, professional business.

Visit the Web to Read Reviews

Go online to read customer reviews. Look for both glowing testimonials and negative feedback to weigh out if you’re dealing with a good dealership. You can get a good idea about a dealership’s level of customer service by sifting through reviews for a few hours on forums and social media sites.

Check online auto forums focused on car dealerships. Weigh out whether positive reviews trump negative reviews. If you note positive, glowing endorsements seem to dwarf negative feedback you may have found a suitable dealership for your needs.

If you’re noting an unhealthy abundance of negative reviews regarding any one dealership you’re may want to cross this business off of your watch list. Although some folks may have had a bad day most individuals are likely not too far off of the money when it comes to offering legitimate negative reviews.

Patiently visit relevant Facebook or Google Plus groups to gauge customer experiences. Do most individuals report positive experiences with sales staff? Do people offer rave reviews of the dealership itself? Seeing a flood of positive experiences on social networking sites gives you confidence in your decision.