Why Vaping Is Now Cooler Than Smoking

King George VI was a notorious smoker – a habit that would literally be the death of him.  He’s responsible for the term “King Size”, and is arguably the reason so many Brits took up the great vice in the first place.  After all, this was a pre-Beatles time, before youth culture was a “thing”, and when what we now call “cool” was defined by mimicking the behaviour of authority, rather than rebelling against it.  Not to mention; back then, nobody was aware of the health risks associated with smoking, so an entire generation of British people condemned themselves to a lifetime of nicotine addiction.

Then there’s the golden age of film in which Hollywood ruled the world.  All of the world’s idols were smoking; Clint Eastwood’s Man With No Name was never seen without a fag in his mouth, and Audrey Hepburn turned the elongated smoking pipe into a sex symbol.  Then of course, there were the rock stars – Bowie, Slash and just about every frontman of every hair metal band ever were never seen without a cigarette in their mouths!
But where did it all go wrong for smokers?  When did the habit go from being the all-encompassing in-your-face symbol of youthful rebellion, to just being a bit of a bad habit that makes you smell?  Did smoking just get old?  Or maybe the constant revelations of health risks constantly coming out of the woodwork for the past 50-60 years killed the buzz for some people.

But here at Prestige Vaping, we’re not too concerned about smoking.  What we’re concerned about is vaping – so our question is this; is vaping as cool now as smoking used to be?  In a previous blog post, we already talked about how celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Moss have decided to take up vaping and leave the old habit behind.  But what about the average guy on the street?

Well, imagine you’re on a date.  What’s do you think is the more attractive scenario?  Somebody who vapes in a pub, laughing and smiling in the knowledge that they’re fighting the habit?  Or somebody who has to disappear outside every ten minutes, only to come back stinking of stale tobacco smoke?  There’s simple no competition.
With the exposure that e-cigs are getting now, people see somebody with an e-cig, and know that they’re strong-willed, and confident enough in themselves that they know that they deserve a healthier lifestyle.  The e-cig is a symbol of defiance – a sign that you’re strong enough to say “no” to your old vices!  It’s literally replaced the cigarette as a modern and universal symbol of rebellion!  Viva la revolution!

If you are already a vaper, what made you switch? How has it changed your life? Would you recommend others to try it as an aid to quitting smoking? If you haven’t tried and are still nipping out into the rain with the nicotine sticks then maybe give it a try? What have you got to lose apart from the sticky tar anc chemicals you are currently inhaling?

Article by Arran Garside who likes to shout out about vaping on a regular basis!