Why It Is Important To Pace Weight Loss

One always hears of diets and weight loss programs which offer people ways to lose weight fast – and quite a bit of it. Such diets are usually hard to sustain and people put all the weight back on. People who incorporate exercise and dietary changes which are manageable lose 1 -2 lbs per week safely and keep it off. Read more on www.thefitpost.com to grab an insight into how to stay fit, healthy and exercise the right way.

There are several benefits of staying fit and healthy. It helps an individual to keep themselves away from a world of diseases and illness. However, it is always important to keep the right balance between food intake, the number of calories consumed, nutritional diet and regular work outs of all forms.

Weight Loss Workouts

Many people have gym memberships so that they can have access to a lot more equipment to work out with. Rowing machines are a staple at a majority of the gyms and offer an alternate way to get a good workout and lose weight in the process. There are quite a few exercise routines that people can choose and keep users on track to losing 1 – 2 lbs a week very easily.

Tracking Calories Burned:

A person’s weight will determine the level of exertion and the number of calories burnt during exercise. Even people who are relatively light can work harder to burn more calories and get a harder workout. Spiking a workout session with intense bursts with speed or resistance will help a person to get a good workout. The general aim should be to burn between 500-1000 calories/day if one wants to lose 1 – 2 lbs per week. Depending on a person’s physical condition, they can start slowly and build up their routine so that they can sustain a grueling routine and lose weight.

Diet and Numbers to know:

Diet is an important component of the weight loss process. For instance, to lose 1 lb, one has to burn off about 3600 calories. Calorie intake has to be monitored closely to ensure that the body gets enough nutrition to sustain a healthy lifestyle and also meet the demands set by an exercise routine. If the body is not fueled properly to carry out rowing exercises and other activities, metabolism automatically starts slowing down making it hard to lose weight. It is easy to speed up weight loss by going on a low calorie diet with the right combination of nutrients. Fruits and vegetables are essential for fiber and nutrients – one should also ensure that they are getting lean protein and complex carbohydrates from whole grains. This will help to fuel the body and provide the necessary calories, good calories and not empty ones.

Choosing the right mix of nutritious food is the key to good health. From maintaining the weight proportionately, it also helps one to be ready to fight any illnesses. Visit www.thefitpost.com to know more about the ways to keep fit and healthy. Browse through it now!