What You Need To Know, and What You've Been Missing

What You Need To Know, and What You've Been Missing

When it comes to social media, the number one obstacle preventing most people from getting more fans or follows is not having any to start with.  That’s kind of how popularity works, the more people like you, the more others believe they should like you, too.  That’s why after reading the boostsocialmedia.net reviews, I thought I’d try them out – because I really did want to build my fans quickly.  I desperately needed a jump-start for my social networking, but I wasn’t sure if they could really pull it off.  They did.  So I thought I might write a boostsocialmedia.net review myself, and help a few others out who might be sitting on the fence.

BoostSocialMedia.net is absolutely one of the best services I have ever paid for.  I have tried other freelance sites who claimed they could provide me targeted fans for both Facebook and Twitter, so I was a little leery of trying out yet another fan boosting service.  Every other time, I was promised targeted Facebook fans and Twitter followers for the U.S. – real accounts that could enhance my marketing strategy and eventually increase my sales – but that just left me disappointed.  So let me lay out for you in this BoostSocialMedia.net review, exactly what they offer and what you can expect from their service.


1.  REAL Followers and Fans

Buysocialfans.com has real followers and fans for whichever site you need them for.  Whether for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, and YouTube. Boostsocialmedia.net can provide not just followers, but targeted followers for the country you need them in.  This is a big deal, because many companies can give you fans, but if they’re not in your target demographic, then it’s a complete waste.

2.  Extended Services

It’s not just fans and followers that you need when you are implementing a social media campaign; you also need a catalyst to keep the momentum going.  This is where buysocialfans.com shines.  They know the business, and they not only offer fans, they also offer detailed services with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and G+ that others don’t.  They include:


Facebook likes (Global and U.S.)

Facebook wall shares (Global and U.S.)

Facebook website

Facebook status likes


Twitter followers (Global and U.S.)

Targeted Twitter followers

Twitter Retweets

Twitter Website Tweets


YouTube Views (Global and U.S.)

YouTube Comments

YouTube Subscribers

YouTube Likes

YouTube Packages

3.  Awesome Customer Service

How many times have you tried to use a service online and found that the whole customer service experience amounted to a big fat zero?  Buysocialfans.com exceeded my expectations by far!  Not only do they have awesome customer service, but they have a toll-free phone number right on their home page.  It’s not in some obscure place that they don’t want you to find; they want your business, they have a stellar reputation, and they really take care of you.  If you have any questions, just ask.


There aren’t really any cons to list for this review, but if I had to list some it would be that they are not yet offering any Instagram packages.  To be honest, I didn’t ask, but it’s not listed like on the Facebook and Twitter drop down menus.  Judging on the treatment I received, however, I am sure they would put a custom package together for you if you needed it.

Considering all of the broken promises made to me in the past, it was quite refreshing to finally find a professional company that actually performs.  You can consider my boostsocialmedia.net review a real-life success experience – and you can have it, too.