Hints And Tips To Deal With Sleepless Nights

For many of us, the moment we get into bed after a long day is the highlight of our day. When we have had a busy day at work or day that has been stressful for any other reason then finally being able to climb into the comfort of your own bed and relax can feel amazing – until you are unable to sleep. When all you want to do is shut your eyes and get a good night’s sleep, lying awake and cursing yourself for not sleeping is the last thing that you want to be doing.

Whether you are someone that regularly can’t sleep or you just can’t sleep for a night for whatever reason there are many different things that you can do to help. You might be able to get away with one nights bad sleep, if you are able to catch up on your sleep the next night but if this is something that seems to be ongoing then it is probably something that you are going to want to deal with and nip in the bud as quickly as possible.

One Off Sleeping Problems

If you are someone that usually sleeps well but are just having problems for a night or two then you might not be too worried. However when its 2am and you’re still lying awake it can get really frustrating. Although you might want to look into fixing problems if this is on going for a one off problem one of  the best things you can do is remove your way from the situation. Sometimes it can be worth getting out of bed and distracting yourself for an hour or two. At the end of the day lying in bed isn’t doing you any good. Instead you might want to get up, do something for a while, get yourself a hot milky drink and then come back later to try again. Often this more relaxed approach is the best way to give your body a proper rest and make sure that you get the good night sleep that you need.

On-Going Sleep Issues

Of course you aren’t going to get up every single night and do something before you can go back to sleep. If you find that you are unable to sleep for a number of nights in a row then looking at ways to improve your sleep situation is essential. Firstly you should look at your bedroom  and make sure that this is optimised to give yourself the best possible chance to sleep. If you are suffering from a lack of sleep then make sure you check your bed is comfortable enough and that it is not this that is affecting your sleep. You also make to make sure that when you do settle down for the night you are doing it in a room that is quiet and dark.

Bedtime Routine

Whatever you do, you should always try and stick to a bedroom routine as much as possible. Our body clocks definitely benefit from a timed bedtime and a time to wake up each morning. Of course there will be times when you need to deviate from this a little but you should try and stick to this as much as possible.

When bed time is approaching you want to try and relax if possible. For half an hour before you go to sleep you should try to make do without gadgets such as TVs and smart phones. Instead relaxing with a good book can help. Never go to bed hungry as this will also affect your chances of sleeping well. If you can have a hot milky drink and a piece of toast about half an hour before bed then this can really help.

Often it is a matter of experimenting and working out what works best for you. Lots of people swear by having lavender in their room where as other people like a hot bath before bed. Try lots of things until you find the best routine that lets you sleep well and keeps you from lying awake at night – a few small changes are well worth it for a night of proper sleep.

I am a stay at home mum who realises the importance of a good nights sleep. I have interests in lifestyle issues, family and technology.