What You Need To Do To Beat Your Addiction

What You Need To Do To Beat Your Addiction

Addiction can come in many different forms. Some suffer from addiction to cigarettes, alcohol, hard drugs or even eating disorders. Whatever the case might be, if you want to overcome an addiction there are some fundamental steps that you need to take to beat it.

Stop Denying: Accept

The first step is always to admit to yourself that you have a problem. This may feel like a weakness to admit that you have an addiction, but the fact that it’s difficult to do should prove to you that it’s a strength that not all possess.

Once you have admitted to yourself, it’s time to come clean and open up to your friends and family. Chances are that they already know or at the very least have a suspicion. Confessing to your loved ones will give you a sense of freedom and give you the opportunity to ask them for help and support.

One of the worst things you can do is to not open up and try to do it alone. This never works and having a moral support group behind you will give you a strength that you never imagined. The more you open up about your issue the less power the issue has over you.

Seek Treatment

Now that you have admitted to yourself and your loved ones you can move forward with treatment. This can be a difficult and confusing step to take. It can be difficult to know which treatment option is best for you.

Residential rehab, outpatient rehab, detox centre or support group? Which one will best fit your needs? Chances are that you might need a little of all those, but first you should speak to a medical professional or drug rehab therapist. They will be able to better assist you with that.

Don’t be afraid if you have to admit yourself to a rehab. Yes, the idea of being removed from everything you know can be a little unnerving, but it could be the step you need to take to restore your life.

Once you have completed an addiction rehabilitation program it is important remember that your treatment isn’t over. The next step in your rehab is the most important. A lot of recovering addicts let their guard down after treatment and then find themselves falling right back in to where they started, and they are usually worse off then when they started.

Stay plugged into a support group after rehab and make sure you attend regular meetings as well as staying in contact with a sponsor. You will go through hard times after rehab and the temptation to use again will come back, so be prepared.

Addictions affect us all in one way or another. You may be an addict yourself or you may have a family member with an addiction. Either way, those addictions can cause real harm and pain to anyone in its path. So remember to get treatment if you are suffering from an addiction. It will save your life and the lives of everyone around you.

Henry Hernandez is a veteran who was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Henry works with an addiction rehab center in Orange County, CA http://www.stephouserecovery.com/. Henry can be found on Google+.