What Traits A Carer For The Elderly Should Possess

When people age, they can start to lose the skills necessary to perform daily tasks. This can also include being able to look after their own health and will often need special care and attention. An elderly care worker is a role that helps senior citizens in leading a normal life, supporting them to be independent while offering assistance. They can work in care or retirement homes and can even be assigned to work in their client’s home on a daily basis.   While qualifications are one of the most important aspects of being an elderly
care worker, as knowing what medical treatments to give the elderly is important, there are also other qualities that a care worker should possess.

Personal qualities

As well as the educational qualifications need to provide efficient care, a worker will need to possess certain qualities that can contribute towards the comfort of elderly patients and clients. As the patients can come from all different backgrounds, with different conditions, this can make everyday care a little challenging; a worker should have a genuine concern for others. This will allow them to treat their patients with equality to do the job without prejudices and pre-conceptions. Empowering the patients while listening to their needs is
also an important quality, as elderly clients will need the encouragement and support in order for them to be able to maintain a good quality of life while increasing independence.

A worker should be able to respond quickly to the unexpected, as patients will often need an emergency appointment while being prepared and organised. Along with that, a worker should also be conscientious and dependable by arriving punctually and performing certain tasks such as waking the client, cleaning and
washing to the best of their ability.

Lastly, one of the most important personal qualities that a care worker should possess is the desire and determination to make a positive difference to someone’s life. Illnesses and accidents can have a negative impact on a senior citizens life, so being able to ensure that you work with a cheerful demeanour, while providing flexible means that will allow them to live as independently as possible, can all contribute to effective and positive care.

Like the qualifications, a care worker needs to have a solid background of experience working with the elderly, along with references. A solution to get the required experience can be through volunteering at a retirement home or hospital and performing tasks such as reading for the elderly. Any experience
in the health care industry is relevant and an employer can see through this experience that you have acquired significant knowledge. This alongside with qualifications can be extremely beneficial. Many elderly health care providers can offer courses that can provide you with the qualifications needed to take
the next step.

Finally, while the experience and qualifications are important, owning the personal qualities mentioned above is just as imperative to delivering quality health care for the elderly. They can help elderly patients going through horrible illnesses or have just been released from hospital, support them both physical and emotionally.

Harry Price is a freelance writer who lives on the south coast.  He lives with his wife and 3 dogs, who all enjoy long walks along the local costal paths.