What Is The Spam Filtering And How You Can Use It To Avoid The Unwanted Mail

Sometimes you are pretty much upset about the free bandwidth usage in the spam. Well, not only with you but this problem is very normal among the other email users out there. Therefore, just deleting one or two spams isn’t the best way to get rid of these junks. You need proper method to get these junk filtered out without letting it enter in your inbox. However, the best method to filter the junk is the Spam Filter. The filter is a specially designed program to detect the unwanted and junk messages, as well as to prevent them from entering in user’s inbox. This filter prevents the unsolicited mail to reach in your inbox and use it’s free bandwidth. Well, as the filter is a program to prevent the junk, therefore it has well defined criteria to do so. The predefined criteria help to filter the unsolicited mail from the important and useful mails. The criteria defined for the system may include a particular word which is to be watched in the subject line of the messages.

How the Filter Works for the Spam Emails?

Therefore, if there is any mail present with the given set of criteria then the email is discarded or prevented to enter the inbox. Well, this method has remain precisely successful for preventing the spam to enter in your inbox. The software not only omits the perfectly legitimate messages, but it also let the actual spam to get through. Well, in addition to the spam filtering program, the other programs like the Bayesian filter and heuristic filters can also prove to be best in filtering the spam out of your important mails. These filters uses criteria of word frequency filtering, which is again a best used program for spam filtering. Although, we discussed a lot about the filter but still some people are out there who hardly know about spam. They still might be in dilemma that which mail is to be called as the spam. So, let’s get started by understanding what spam is?

Well, in contrast to a perfect spam definition, there is nothing absolute. However, if the mails are unwanted and bulky, then you may call it spam. Therefore, it is about your relevance and hence the spam is different for everyone. So, if you want the spam to be prevented, you should use a good Spam Filter with the efficient filtering criteria. The criteria may include discarding the emails which have the predefined format, like ALL CAPS, extra exclamation marks and unwanted use of colors. Similarly, the criteria may also include the filtering based on the content, image and codes. Therefore, in future if you will get mail regarding the commercial promotion, money, Sloppy code, extra tags and having too much of image, then it will be discarded ad the spam.

Moving further, the filter also looks the subject line of message to judge the spamminess of the message. If any relevancy is observed, then the email is regarded as the spam and kicked out of the inbox path. Despite of that, the filter also checks on the IP address of the coming messages. If the IP address of the mail is from the blacklisted IP range, then the email is regarded as the spam. Sometimes, it is also possible that a legitimate message with the blacklisted IP is filtered too. So, basically it is up to you to define the spam criteria for you, which you precisely want to keep out of your inbox. Hence, set the criteria carefully to make use of the Spam filter.