What Are Home Remedies For Tooth Sensitivity?

What Are Home Remedies For Tooth Sensitivity?

Seeking out solution for teeth sensitivity is never an easy one especially at the very outset of the pain. You probably would not want to live the experiences of one. However, what are the possible home remedies that your family dentist might prescribe to you in the event of one? This may be necessary given the long routine appointment that is usually associated with getting the services of a dentist. However, what constitutes tooth sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity is the reaction of the teeth to any of a sweet, sour, hot, cold or even to pressure due to erosion caused to the protective enamel of the teeth thereby exposing the sensitive nerve endings. When this largely uncomfortable situation occurs the nagging and painful experience can cause a general breakdown of the body. When it does occur, what might help your course at home before you see your family dentist?

Some Good Home Remedies for Tooth Sensitivity

While you feel bodily discomfort, much as you would wish for the pain to disappear just as it appeared, one of the first things you have to continue to do is to brush regularly, only that this time it must be cautionary. Using a soft bristled toothbrush might be advisable with minimum pressure application. Your family dentist would normally advice this so that any food particle from previous food can be gently taken off the teeth without undue pressure on the dentin (a calcified tooth tissue that is capable of exposing the pulp). Plus, you’d also have to care for the shine that brushing your teeth brings.

Another good home remedy that you can get when you have tooth sensitivity is to use desensitizing toothpaste. Your family dentist would probably prescribe a couple for you. Desensitizing toothpaste is known to contain ingredients that are largely potassium or calcium based which help to fill up the tubules or channels in the dentin. Sensodyne is a very good one. When spread over the part of the sensitive tooth, this reduces the effects of sensitivity. Application done over a period of days or weeks should begin to yield the required result.

Using your normal table salt can also greatly help to reduce tooth sensitivity. Taking a cup of warm water filled with ample of amount of table salt can also help. Care has to be taken so that the salt content does not become too much. Your family dentist would ask you to ensure that the level of saltiness is just as normal for any session of mouth rinse you’d want to undergo with the saline solution. Also, a mixture of rock salt and mustard oil can give similar results if not better. An ample amount of this mixture, when applied across the surface of the tooth with your finger, can help to reduce tooth sensitivity over time.

On the whole taking precautionary steps of not grinding your teeth can help to reduce the effects of tooth sensitivity. In the event of tooth sensitivity, regular application of the home remedies outlined above can go a long way in helping to ease out the pain before a family dentist is seen.

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