Tips For Finding Cheap Rubbish Removal

How much is your current rubbish removal company charging you? If you just shifted chances are you’re using the same company that the previous tenants or owners used. You may think that they are cheap because you can afford to pay what they are charging you every month but it does not mean that they are relatively cheap or even the cheapest. Unless you have spoken to other so called cheap rubbish removal companies operating in your area you’ll never know that you are getting a good deal. Most times people are not getting a good deal and don’t bother to ask too many questions because they are concerned with only getting the rubbish removed from their property but consider that you may also be paying a few hundred dollars more than you should each year for the service too.

Search Online

The good thing about the internet is fact that many cheap rubbish removal companies and even expensive ones now have websites with numbers you can call if you need more information. Searching online is a great way to find what other companies may be operating in your city. Many of them should have what they charge mentioned on the website. However, in most cases these may be one time fees if for instance you need all the rubbish removed from your property just once prior to shifting in. The details though may only be found out if you call up the company.

Comparison Shopping

The key to finding cheap rubbish removal which is also reliable is to do some comparison shopping. Most people may not know this but comparison shopping cannot just be done online with the rubbish removal industry, you may have to call and get a quote. But this can only be done if you first know that the service operates in your area. So, to start off with first make a list of all the services operating in your city, then check their website and narrow down the list to companies operating in your area, from there you can then call them up to get a quote based on the type of trash you want removed and the frequency of their visit. The quotes you get will be pretty much what you can expect to pay at the end of each month.

Don’t forget to negotiate

Even though you may think that the price quoted is final but it’s not, most cheap rubbish removal services can be cheaper if you are willing to haggle. Simply ask the services you receive a quote from to reduce the price to a personally pre-determined amount. For instance if you were given goes of $50 from one, $80 by the other and $100 by another, just call them up and say that you’ll pay $40 a month. The service that agrees should be considered the most. You’d be amazed at how some services may be willing to offer you a discount but only if you ask for it.

Additional Freebie services

Not many cheap rubbish removal services provide freebies but some do. Some may for instance offer to clear your yard once a month or even rake your lawn in the autumn. Ideally, the service you choose should offer a freebie which is of use to you. That said since not all services offer a freebie it can be hard to compare pricing with those that do because then you’ll have to place a dollar value on the freebie but if you’re getting the same pricing with a freebie then by all means hire the company offering it.

Always check Reliability

When hiring a cheap rubbish removal service reliability should be your top concern. Sure many new services are cheap but since they are not established they cannot be trusted, given the fact that many new businesses in this industry shutter within just four to five months of starting up. This means that you need to be very careful with whom you hire. Established businesses like All Trash Rubbish Removal in Australia have been around for a very long time and have lots of credibility too. Plus they operate Sydney wide so almost anyone can hire their services.

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