Take Advantage of Rose and Flower Sales

While flower sales companies offer a wide variety of flowers to send your message of love, concern, congratulations or sympathy, the rose remains the most popular. Roses are often associated with love and beauty and convey romance around the world. Roses are available as bouquets or as a part of an arrangement. There are many varieties available and growers continue to create new ones on a regular basis.

The beauty and scent of the rose is part of its allure. These flowers have been exchanged between lovers for centuries. In some locations, the rose ceremony is becoming popular in wedding ceremonies, with the bride presenting a vase and the groom a rose. Both commit to continuing the tradition on their anniversary each year.

The origin of the rose is widely disputed. Some believe it to have originated in Northern Persia, while others point to South Africa or even China. No matter where the flower originated, its appeal is now worldwide. Today, they are available from flower sales shops and online regardless of one’s location or the season of the year.

According to flower sales companies, red is the most popular colour of rose when given as a gift. The red represents both passion and romance. It is the perfect gift to proclaim your love for another. A single red rose is the perfect gift for the beginning of a romance while 11 roses signify true love. With a dozen roses, one is inviting the recipient to a long-term relationship. If you have offended your love, 15 roses signify an admission of your guilt, an apology and a plea for forgiveness. Send your true love nine dozen roses as either a proposal or to signify your intent to propose. A gift of 999 roses proclaims your everlasting love for a recipient.

In addition to red, there are many other colour choices, each with their own meaning. One should ask the flower sales representative to ensure the message being sent is appropriate for the occasion as well as the recipient. Here are just a few of the colour choices and what they represent.

A pink coloured rose signifies sweetness. It can be used to represent a message of thanks or grace. It is the perfect gift from a father to a daughter or to give to a friend. A small bouquet of pink roses from the flower sales shop makes an excellent choice for a gift to your host.

In ancient times, a yellow flower was given as a symbol o jealousy. However, time has changed the meaning of the yellow rose. Today, it is often given as a symbol of friendship or of one’s new beginning.

The purity and simplicity of a white rose conveys heavenly qualities. For many, its heavenly quality signifies spirituality. It is popular among brides as a wedding flower.

The Lavender rose represents love at first sight. As it is rarer than white, red or yellow roses, the lavender colour conveys a sense of enchantment or magic. It is an ideal gift after a first date or a chance meeting with another.

Orange flowers indicate desire, passion and promise. A gift of orange roses is a great way to encourage a friend or family member who is beginning a new business venture. Your flower sales company can provide a beautiful arrangement conveying your best wishes.

Regardless of the message you want to convey, flowers make a great way to make your statement.  Your flower sales associate can recommend the best options to ensure your sentiments are reflected. The gift of flowers is nearly always appreciated.