The 4 Departments Of Towels

When you stop and think about it, you likely use a towel at some point in your day, perhaps even several times a day. Towels are used after your morning shower, for drying your hands after completing chores such as doing the dishes and you even swaddle your baby up in a hooded bath towel, after their lukewarm bathes in the sink. With such a need for towels in our daily use, here are four departments of towels you’ll want to make sure you are stocked in.


The bathroom is the number one room in the house that should be furnished with towels. It is customary to hang a hand towel to accommodate drying your hands after washing them. Often times, especially in a guest bathroom, decorative hand towels are displayed. The bathroom is where you and your family will shower or take relaxing, hot baths. Bath towels should be large, plush and have a good thread count, for durability. You can find bath towels as generic as solid colors or as unique as a bamboo bath towel or towel covered in pink bunnies, that is strictly up to your discretion. In addition to your bath towels, make sure to provide wash clothes for your families grooming needs.


Another room in your home where towels are a necessity, is indeed, the kitchen. As stated prior, you will want a towel after washing dishes; however there are other reasons having a towel in the kitchen proves beneficial. When you are cooking, you wash your hands often. In between handling raw foods and fresh ones, after cutting and mincing and before you even begin to prepare your meal. Kitchen towels can be found with delightful prints and stylish themes. You can create a country kitchen, Italian Bistro or decorate with your favorite animals or foods.


Summertime is here and that means pool parties and all day adventures at the beach. Beach towels are in a league of their own. They are typically, quite larger than a bath towel and are designed with bright colors and aquatic prints. True, you can find Disney themed beach towels for the kids, but beach towels allow for your inner child to come out and play. Choose from sea turtles, dolphins and seashell prints. If sea creatures really are not your thing, lounge with a cabana style beach towel. Don’t forget the sunscreen!


The holidays are a time for celebrations, music, festivities and decorative fun. You will find holiday patterns on dishes, bedding, dining linens and wall hangings. The holiday décor has infiltrated towel selections, as well. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween and the 4th of July are the big holidays for decorating your home. Select holiday themed towels for decorating on those occasions. Not only will they add festive allure to your home, but your family and friends will love them.

Now that the four departments of towels have been outlined for you, have fun, stock up and let your creative juices flow, in selecting your towels for décor.

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