Take Your Small Business To The Next Level Using The Latest Technology

Take Your Small Business To The Next Level Using The Latest Technology
A lot of technology we see today was made specifically keeping efficiency in conducting work related tasks at the forefront. Think about it, from the industrial revolution to the conveyer belt, and mobile phones to cloud computing, so many innovations are extremely business oriented, even if not all of them were designed exclusively with production or businesses in mind.
In fact, from having a lack of technology, we have such a dearth of it now that it’s difficult to assess what is needed and what we can do without. Because let’s be honest here, technology does come at a premium. What’s even more pertinent is the fact that the newer and/or more innovative the technology, the more it’ll end up costing you.
In fact, according to a survey cited in this Fox business news article a staggering 91% of all customers in the United States would stop dealing with firms that weren’t up to date on the technology front. Let that sink in give it second, ninety one percent! So clearly then, technology isn’t just a way to stay on top, a lack of technology can also be the very real cause of your business folding over like a pack of cards.
What are the most important technological advancements that every business absolutely needs though? It depends from business to business really, although there are a few that could apply to most if not all businesses across the board. I’m here to tell you what those options are, and how can benefit them. Let’s get cracking then, here they are.

The Technological Innovations That Will Take Your Business To The Next Level

  • Social Media. One of the biggest avenues of marketing and publicity is the social media today. Don’t believe me? Look at what happened to one little tweet that someone wrote in a moment of irrational thought. Today, everyone from toddlers to geriatrics and everyone in between are on Facebook and Twitter. The best part? You can use these portals for free to help push your products, and if you’re lucky enough to ‘go viral’ it could turn your business on its head in the blink of an eye.  Such meteoric growth was unheard of before the arrival of social media, and he best part is that it’s here to stay.
  • Crowd-funding. Another internet based solution to take your business to the next level, but radically different from, and even more left of field than the aforementioned social media approach. Thanks to the JOBS act of 2012, concepts like crowd funding have been given a major boost. What is crowd funding you ask? Well it’s a financial resource where you pitch your ideas to complete strangers on the internet, operating from anywhere in the world, and if they like what they see, they can decide to invest in your company. These thousands and even millions of micro-investments result in a sizable finance pool that can be invested into expanding your business. Forums such as www.kickstarter.com are available for this specific purpose, and are a great way to give your business that extra push.
  • Credit Cards. While it may not be the absolute cutting edge of technology, it is technology, and as the old adage goes, ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.’ So many businesses are losing out on potential customers because of a lack of credit card payment options, even today! As the previously mentioned survey clearly illustrates, customers today demand technology, and credit cards are one of the most basic forms of technology. Thankfully, this can be amended quite easily, because some merchant account providers like www.creditcardprocessing.com can even get your credit card system up and running within just 24 hours.
  • Mobile – ity. Another emerging trend from small business circles is the preference of consumers to interact with businesses on the mobile platform. Being mobile compatible, and more importantly, being mobile active can be the difference between success and mediocrity. Every person you meet has a mobile phone, so it only makes sense, in fact it doesn’t even surprise us to see little kids running around with a cellular device anymore; it’s that common. It’s just good business sense then to get on this platform and rake in the moolah.
  • Software. These days, there’s software for everything. Not just the old and well known ones like those meant for accounting and tracking stock, but way, way beyond that. Calendar systems to help you manage your time, tracking and efficiency systems that tell you what’s worth persevering with and what takes so long that it’s no longer financially feasible. Look around and you’ll find and absolute plethora of software based solutions that will streamline and optimize your business by leaps and bounds.

So remember, technology is the way to go, and if you don’t grab this golden goose with both hands while you can, you might find yourself slipping down that magic beanstalk called success at a really alarming rate.