Counter Strike Source PC Game – Now with New and Advance Features

“Counter Strike” is one of the most famous game in the world, and counter strike source is the exact copy of this game. The counter strike source is designed by Valve Corporation as the remix version of original counter strike; this is a multiplayer game which can be played via internet and LAN cables by making servers, in this game there are two teams one can have a certain number of members one team is called as the team of terrorists and other one is called as team of counter terrorists. In the game you have to complete various objectives like rescuing of people from terrorist, by diffusing bomb or kill all the terrorist by doing this you can win a round from the team which is opposite to you.

Counter Strike Source free download is an amazing game with numerous new and advance features, since it is a remake of the old counter strike the basic functionality of this game is exactly same as counter strike original, but the graphics and controlling is much better. Since this game can be played as multiplayer by diving people in the group of two teams. For completing each round the players have to complete certain objective, firstly the players have to select Map from several different maps or you can say levels. After that the game will give you a mission which could be diffusing bomb, killing all the terrorist, rescuing people, preventing the people from getting rescued, planting bombs for the opposition . When you complete such mission before your competitor you will be declared as a winner and then you will play another round. The aim of the players in the game is beating their competitors and winning as much as round as possible, with fulfilling the condition of game map.

There are some rules by following them you can make good career in this game, if the player got shot in the middle of the game he can’t join the game again in mid, he’ll get another chance when the round get completed. Where as in some other game died person can rejoin the game after certain time, you should fire the shots very carefully continuous firing is not helpful for winning the game it decrease accuracy and we know that the weapons are available in limited amount. And the recoiling of gun is very difficult for the beginner so you should play this game carefully by keeping all such thing in mind and stay calm throughout the game don’t get aggressive, these kind of such things which decrease accuracy. And the damage done by bullet is completely depending on the location of hit on the body, for killing the terrorist you should take a headshot.

There are some new features which are incorporated in the counter strike: source like the behaviour of grenade is completely different from the previous or original counter strike game the smoke grenades work very slowly in this version as compare to the original counter strike and the flash bangs are also very much different. In counter strike: source you will have the most recent DirectX9 effect which can change and pronounce the jumping and other physical moments more than the original counter strike. In the counter strike: source there exist one most amazing feature which is the interaction between players while playing counter strike rounds. The recoiling is not that much good as it was in the original counter strike but you can manage this problem.

Counter strike source can be installed very easily on windows, you only need to copy the file or download it from internet and after pressing install button the installation process will get started. And just after 2 minutes the game will be ready for playing.

System Requirement:

Counter strike: source can be operated very easily on windows 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP/7/8/VISTA, with the processor requirement of Intel Pentium 4 1.7 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 1700 or any of the hi-tech generation processors. Minimum memory requirement of 512 MB and the presence of graphic card are not necessary it required only 64 MB video card, the computer should have DirectX Compatible sound card.  And for playing this game through internet you should have broadband connection of speed 256 kbps.

Counter strike-source is an amazing game with the entire feature exactly same as the original counter strike game, this game comes with various new features and weapon, the player have to use their complete brain for completing the Maps. The most special feature of this game is it comes for free you don’t have to pay anything for this game and can be downloaded from any website. I suggest you should play this game at least once.

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