How To Choose The Best Cabernet Glasses

Wine is a very delicate drink. It is made of fermented grapes. Red wine is darker in color than white wine because the former is fermented along with the skin. There are several different types of red wines, and they are more bold and robust in flavor than other wines. Thus, after years of fermentation, when the bottle is opened, it is important that the wine be handled properly, so that the flavors and the aromas can remain intact.

The glass in which you serve and drink your wine is very important, because it could potentially affect the taste of your drink. Each type of wine tastes different, and they have to be drunk in a different kind of glass, so that you can get the maximum potential of the taste of the wine. One such wine is Cabernet, and there are special cabernet glasses in which you have to drink this particular brand of wine.

How To Choose The Best Cabernet Glasses

Distinctive Cabernet Glasses: Cabernet Sauvignon is distinct from other wines because of its purplish hue, almost fruity flavors and strong aromas. Red wines taste the best when they get maximum exposure to air. This is the reason red wine glasses have a wide bowl so that there is a wider surface area for the wine to come into contact with the air and also so that there is enough space left in the bowl for you to insert your nose and inhale the aromas.

Cabernet glasses are no different. The only distinction is that they have a wide bowl, and a tapering top. This allows the aromas to be retained inside the glass, while at the same time preventing the wine from becoming bitter because of too much exposure.

Aesthetics Of Your Cabernet Glass: There are different consideration that you have to keep in mind when you are choosing your wine glass. The glass should be such that it enhances your sensory experience when you are enjoying a glass of cabernet. It is best of you choose such glasses that have a long, graceful stem for you to hold on to. This is because if you hold the bowl, then the warmth from your hands could potentially affect the taste. You can either choose such glasses that are made with glass, which is more brittle and looks more sophisticated. However, if the glasses are hand-made, then they can become slightly expensive.

Machine made glasses are made of glass or crystal, and they are favored by the people for their functionality and also because of their affordable price. When you are buying cabernet glasses, you have to gauge how they are influencing your wine tasting experience. Because wine-making is a long drawn process, when you finally open the bottle, slight changes and factors can potentially change the taste. Hence, your choice of glass should be such that it preserves the original flavors and the aromas, and in fact, enhances it, so that it is a pleasurable experience not only for your taste buds, but for all your other senses as well.

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