Enjoy The Beauty Of The Countryside With Marquee Hire

Enjoy The Beauty Of The Countryside With Marquee Hire

If you are planning an event in a lovely part of the country, especially if your special day is to celebrate a marriage, a birthday or an anniversary, it is a shame to shut yourselves up in a function room of a pub or hotel. Why not find a field or other open space to rent out and hire a marquee. That way, you can enjoy the surroundings whilst still having all the comforts that a building can provide – heat, light and some decent toilet facilities.

The Wedding in the Meadow

The romantic plans of many brides and grooms come crashing down when they start planning the realities of their wedding day. A rather grotty church hall still looks grotty even with a few balloons and bunches of flowers; a hotel is still a collection of rooms, not all suited to their purpose. The dreams of birdsong, fresh air and room to wander comes down to the pub garden and the smell of room freshener. A marquee hire from James Dabbs will give them all they ever dreamed of – an immaculate interior with as much or as little decoration as desired, with all the trimmings such as real wood bar, ghost chairs, damask-laid tables, starlit roof interior and the beautiful great outdoors. Because marquee hire can include generators and toilets, there is no need to stick to civilisation for your special event – with one side completely open, the wedding guests can enjoy the view and the sweet countryside sounds and smells whilst being comfortable and dry underfoot in a marquee. Perfect!

Partying in the Countryside

If you are lucky enough to know a friendly farmer who will lend or rent you a field in the middle of nowhere, why not put on the perfect party there by hiring a marquee. With no neighbours to annoy, you can let the party rock and you can dress up the inside to taste. For an informal do, you could ask the same friendly farmer for some hay bales as outdoor tables and inside can be for the more urban guests with sofas, coffee tables and a dance floor complete with glitter ball. Marquee hire is very affordable and of course you get no mess at home – James Dabbs Marquees will erect and dismantle the marquee for you and all you have to worry about is having a good time.

Scouts and Guides Enjoy their Comfort these Days!

It is all very well to go camping, but children are rather more sophisticated nowadays than they were in the days of Baden Powell. If you are planning any gathering with kids, whether scouts and guides or a youth club or even play group, everyone will have a better time in the great outdoors if there is somewhere they can go which is under cover and a little more civilised. Even if the marquee is only used as a catering tent it will still pay off – well-fed, warm, dry children are always better behaved by a country mile than hungry, wet, cold ones.

Article written by Rebecca Kilburn, freelance copywriter who often writes for James Dabbs Marquee Hire.