When It's Time To Get A New Nanny

Considering whether or not it is time to get a new nanny can be really confusing, and upsetting. However, it can be a vital part of your child’s development and have a dramatic affect on your family dynamic, so it’s important to recognise if it is time for a new nanny, and how to deal with that if it happens.

Why Might A Parent Need A New Nanny?

As your child grows and evolves, their childcare will need to as well. Sometimes a parent might change nannies when the child starts a new educational phase, moving from a full-time to a part-time nanny as a child gets older. A nanny that is perfect for a preschool child might not suit a child just starting secondary school. Of course, there may be other reasons a parent needs a new nanny, such as trust being questioned.

Why A Nanny Might Stop Being A Good Fit For Your Family

No matter how great the nanny agency is, or how good the nannies CV is, they may still not quite fit with your family. Listen to your instincts, your children’s reaction to the nanny, and to other signs like the fact the child seems unhappy (even after they should be used to the new nanny), friends or others around the nanny see her not doing her job properly, your nanny doesn’t seem engaged or passionate about the job or the nanny simply doesn’t suit your needs at this point in time. If the signs are strong, consider chatting to the nanny about those feelings to see if a positive change in behaviour and situation can be agreed upon.

Does My Child Have A Say In The Replacement Of Their Nanny?

As a general rule it is best to keep children well out of the decision making process, it is unfair to place that amount of responsibility on them. However, that doesn’t mean what your child has to say or how they feel isn’t relevant. If they actively praise the nanny, or they seem unhappy to be left with the nanny, these are all cues you can take. Older children can also talk to you about their feelings about the nanny and what they do when they are with her.

How To Handle The Situation When It Is Time To Get A New Nanny

When you recognise it is time to get a new nanny, you’ll need to handle it as calmly and professionally as possible. Try to stick to concrete reasons that the job isn’t working as it should be, and try not to point any fingers and bring emotions into it. You should always do this in person and never over text or over the phone.

When it comes to helping the children adjust you will need to be considerate and allow the child time to transition, explaining to them that nanny’s get new jobs like mummy’s and daddy’s do. With older children you can explain it to them in a little more depth.

Getting A New Nanny

When it comes to getting a new nanny, if the reasons the current nanny is leaving are amicable on both sides, hopefully you can smoothly transition between the two. However, if the situation is stressful, it may be the case you have to spend some time finding a new nanny whilst your children are in alternative child-care.

Learn lessons from the last nanny, understanding what you don’t want or need from your new nanny. Use an agency like  www.rockmybabynannyagency.co.uk for additional help with screening and background checks, and consider adapting your own interview process to your own needs. So if the child’s diet and exercise regime are really important, ask about this in the interview. If your child has special needs or special requirements, try to find a nanny with the relevant experience. The interviewing and screening stages of finding a new nanny are extremely important. Although it isn’t desirable you need to change nannies, it is useful in that you can learn from the experience and move forward getting the right person for the job. It is also a good idea when you do hire the new nanny to write a contract that clearly outlines their job role and what they can and can’t do, so that you can refer to this should you have any issues with this nanny.