Best Prom Dresses This Season

Best Prom Dresses This Season

When it is time for the prom, you need to look your best. So let’s take a look at the best prom dresses this season. Remember that we each have our own unique figure, so the style that looks great on your best friend might make you into a frumpy nightmare. The best dress is the one that makes you look good! Choose a design that suits you rather than a style that fashionistas have decreed to be the look of the year.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the hottest trends. What is in for 2014?
Pastel colours, pinks and mints, have been splashed in the fashion magazines recently, and the fashionable crowd will likely follow their lead; but bright and eye catching colours will still be on display, so if there’s a particular colour that suits your skin or hair, go for it despite what the experts say.

Whatever the colour, sophisticated detailing, delicate adornments and soft colours will set the scene this year. Lace will add its feminine touch to fairy-like dresses with high necklines. Expect to see coloured lace combined with dress-shades that heighten their delicate appearance and lend an ethereal quality to the design.

Be ready to grace the dance floor in something definitely girlish, light and oh so pretty. Short lace dresses, revealing an attractive amount of leg, are a definite in look this year. Chiffon and jersey fabrics, and illusion fabrics that offer a sexy almost see-through look without revealing a girl’s goods, are in. Sheer backs rather than backless designs are popular.

If you are feeling daring, and that leggy look suits you, why not go for a high slit? A sexy cut that slips right up to the thigh. Sexy, flamboyant high slit dresses add an alluring look, but take a friend to try on the dress before buying, make sure it is sophistication and not slutification that defines your look this year. Be careful, the word is that some designers are taking those slits right up to the hips!

For something more traditional, the time-tested high low style is a good choice and one of the upcoming season’s definite looks; several designers are pushing the limits of this style. Sheer bodices, exposed necklines and short skirts with a sheer overlay, are combined by designers to create a hot, flirtatious and leggy look; this modern style shouts out that the wearer is a sophisticated and sexy girl. This look really shows off your body so it’s worth investing time in the gym and sportswear well advance to ensure you look your best.

Don’t forget those essential extras. No girl’s prom dress is complete without a bit of bling! Rhinestones, beading and crystals are all set to sparkle in the moonlight during the 2014 prom season. Add a sparkly handbag or a pair of glittering shoes to complete the look. Big jewellery and shimmering earrings are in. Prom night is a time to feel special so glamorous iridescent stones, sequins and gold accessories will make you feel like a star as you strut your stuff down the red carpet.

Kylie is a used based writer. She has always been a huge fan of American cinema and relishes the iconic prom dress looks seend in late 90s teen movies.