Amazing Personalised Artistic Christmas Ideas

Yes, that time is indeed almost upon us once again. I usually spend the next couple of months asking myself “where did this year go”, whilst also asking other people the same question. It almost seems like yesterday when I was contemplating what to buy people for the festive period last year, in fact, I still think I’ve got some of the gifts that I didn’t quite manage to distribute to their intended recipients.

So, if you haven’t already done so, now is the time to begin the pondering question of exactly what to get people for this traditional yearly gift exchange (the more Christmases I experience, the more this tradition seems somewhat odd).

This article is intended to help those in your family who maybe have an artistic nature, a998599-885588 photographic perspective, or who just like the idea of making their surroundings seem more welcoming. Let’s be honest, when it comes to presents, buying someone something artistic in nature, is usually always a win. Even if it’s not to their exact taste, they’ll still appreciate it. An even better present is something that’s personalised, and indeed their are hundreds upon hundreds of options on the Internet that allow you to customise anything from your bog standard mug to t-shirts and every little thing inbetween.

With that in mind, I’ve scoured the internet and I present to you my top 5 art inspired, Christmas gifts;

A Facebook Collage

Here’s one you can do ultra cheap, although it might not be to everyone’s tastes. Some people like their Facebook photos to be left as just that, Facebook photos. BUT, if you think somone will like their photos slapped across their wall, and you have access to them, then you can use software like Pic Monkey to make a free, and rather fancy looking collage. With the cost of quality printers being so low these days, then creating an A4 collage is pretty straight forward. Just bung some photo paper in and print it. If you do 4 A4 collages and stick them together in a frame, you end up with a huge A3 collage, that looks impressive and was cheap as chips. Especially if you buy a clip frame from somewhere such as The Range or QD.

Panoramic Canvas Image

Panoramic photography has developed from a niche experience of professional photographers with expensive equipment from the 90s to a very popular way of taking photos in today’s age. Technology has advanced to such an extent that a panoramic photo looks as seamless as if it were taken with an actual panoramic lens. Of course, most aren’t, they’re stitched together using your phone’s in built software. BUT, panoramic canvases are starting to become more and more available, yet they’re still niche enough to make an exciting Christmas gift. So if you have access to a panoramic image featuring someone close, or you even have access to their collection of panoramic photos (I wouldn’t condone looking through people’s phones), then you could grab a panoramic canvas gift from Print Panoramics. Check out their shop ( if you use discount code PP10OFF, you’ll get 10% off!

Transparent Photo Frames

I’m particularly taken by these photo frame gifts (, that allows you to upload an image of your choice, they take the image slap it on some transparent material, stick it in a frame, then voila. You have a photo gift that looks amazing against a window backdrop or just in front of a light. If you’ve got one of those trendy colour changing lights, then it’ll look even cooler.

Bags, T-Shirts, etc!

If those don’t fit the bill of your loved ones, then how about a variety of other inspired photo gifts. Tesco seem to do a particulary good range (, varying from affordable to still reasonably affordable. I’m a particular fan of the photo pencil case ( for kids – I know that my kids would love it. If you can’t find an idea from this compendium, then maybe you should look at non photo gifts….

(if you opt for a bag, you might want to get a more up to date personalisation, than the one below)

In Which Case (no pun on the above)

Take a look at this range of wall art ( There’s lots of different stuff here for everyone, from personalised prints, favourite songs and a variety of other artistic things that show someone you’ve thought that extra little bit when choosing their present.

What are you waiting for?! There’s less than 2 months to go! See ya!

This insight into Christmas ideas was brought to you by Lisa D. You can find her discussing art, photos and other inspiring ideas around the web. Being an avid blogger she writes for a number of blogs.