7 Useful Things To Have In Car

Some people are country and are living rural. I can tell the type of experience that kind of person has when he or she is get stranded in place where there is no help with his or her car. You can imagine what you will do when are that person! I assure you will waste a lot of time, an expensive towing and the night will be long full of cold. Seven things you as the car owner should keep in your car that will of help in sake of an emergence are as listed below:

1. Owner’s Manual

This is a kind of a booklet that will provide you with a guide on what to do when you are stuck on the way. You should have this in your glove section, and you can make sure it is in your automobile. The owner’s manual book has useful information that will help you get back on the way. The owner’s manual has images and instructions of how you can change the tire of your car in case of bust and so on

2. Get Blankets

You should carry at least a blanket even when the weather condition is nice because you do not know what will happen on your trip. The blankets will help you keep yourself warm, curl up and even make you sleep in case you spend some nights in your car.

3. First Aid Kit

You should have a first aid kit.  The kit will help you in a critical situation like accident that will cause injuries to you. You can be able to slow down the bleeding as quick as possible or even help when there is a shock. You are required to have a battery powered radio or even some extra batteries for your journey. The battery-powered radio will inform on the weather conditions and give you the way forward.

4. Get Yourself a Bottle of Water

Water is a necessity and always needed in body to keep you going. The bottle of water will help you sustain yourself in case you get stuck in a place and you are required to wait for sometimes.

5. Get High – Energy Snacks for Yourself

The high-energy snacks are also essential like water when you travel. You should go on a trip with meals ready to eat like nuts and jerky in your car

6. Cellular Phone or Map

You should have a cellular phone or a map. An old cellular phone will help you call an emergency even without subscription. You can keep a detailed map or even an atlas that will direct you on which road to follow

7. Other Essentials

In addition there other things that you should have in your car like emergency money, towels, road salt, shovel, road flares, tire air gauge and many others. Have all these things and will be well prepared for the trip. You will not get lost and you will be able to solve your problems.

If you are interested in driving your car in UK you are required to have passed theory driving test UK which has two parts of theory test; multiple choice part and the hazard perception part and are taking in the same day. You can book your driving theory test in advance. The type questions that you will be asked will depend with the kind of vehicle you have