Standing Out From The Crowd – How To Get The Most Out Of Google Ad Copy Testing

One of the most common mistakes made by businesses advertising on Google is running a single advert with the confidence that the way it is written is perfect and will perform better than every other ad it comes up against. However, how can you be sure the ad you have written is the most efficient ad possible, to not just drive the most relevant traffic to your site, but also to attain the highest possible quality score and cheapest cost per click for your ad.

The only way to know for sure is to test variations of your ad copy and here are some useful tips for doing this:

What Settings?

Always have the rotate ads evenly button checked. This ensures ads are served evenly so you get a true picture of which ad words better. The other settings mean Google will choose to serve a better performing ad more quickly and before you have maybe tested all the different ideas you have.

What is your Unique Selling Point?

Do you offer free delivery or a 5 year guarantee on your product?

Has it been discounted by 25%?

These are all selling points and each of these can be tested against each other and where possible together to help improve your click through rate. It’s all about finding what your consumer base cares about the most when it comes to them making their purchasing decision. Remember that even once you find your best unique selling point, there are two ways of saying the same thing:

you can advertise that you have 25% off or

you can talk about savings of £25.

Test Both

Keep Keyword Relevancy

Even the greatest and most creative advert copy has to abide by Google’s rules if it wants to get shown. Your offering might be what everyone wants to know about, but unless Google deem your advert relevant to a user, they are not going to see it. How close does your advert match up to the keyword searches of your visitors?

Improving this is the key to seeing your ad served more and you bringing your quality score up and your cost per click down. A lot of adwords users think the answer to this is the keyword inserter, so that your ad will mirror a person’s search, but consider running a search query report and you might notice in some campaigns the search text always has too many characters for the ad to be mirrored and therefore your audience are seeing the same alternate message over and over, which is not as keyword relevant.

How to use Sitelinks

A common mistake made by advertisers is not testing their site links. You have a wonderful website with lots of content and information. If your advert doesn’t give a person what they are looking for maybe one of your site links will. Sitelinks are also a great way for you to promote your key selling points further in the titles of each link. Make sure each page is a well layed out page that people won’t bounce away. The last thing you want to do is send traffic to inner pages that are not as good as you main landing page

Here is an example of an advert that has been tested to perform well, stands out, is relevant and rewarded well be Google


Ricky Solanki is a director at Push a London based PPC Management Agency
Push have been growing clients businesses using PPC, SEO, Social Media, Affiliate marketing and Email marketing for over 7 years.