6 Essentials For The Perfect Day On The Beach

A day at the beach can mean different things to different people.  Some just want to kick back and relax while others would rather spend the entire day playing in the ocean.  Whatever your preference is bringing along a few essential items will enhance your day out in the sun.  When you are out in the sun, sand, and salt water for any duration of time it can wear on your body.  A day out at the beach means bringing along items to keep you comfortable and cozy in this sunny outdoor environment.


Many people underestimate the power of shade.  If you are the type that enjoys reading a book near the water or relaxing with a friend and just checking out the scenery, having an umbrella can make all the difference in the world.  You may be fine for those first couple of hours in the sun, and thoroughly enjoy them as well.  After three to four hours, however, the sun will begin to put some color on your skin and start to dehydrate your body.  Bringing along an umbrella will lengthen your ability to stay right where you are without having to go indoors for a break or trying to cool off in the water.

Beach Chair

Another simple object that many people often forget to bring along is a beach chair.  This is another thing that will give you some added comfort and more than likely increase the time you are willing to spend on your day out at the beach.  Some people are ok with just bringing a towel to sit on, but after hours on the beach that sand tends to get a little hard and uncomfortable.  A beach chair will give you the ability to work on your tan, lie down, sit up, and add to the experience of being at the beach.  A towel these days just does not cut it for anybody except children.  Bring a chair, set up your camp, and let the festivities begin.

Cold Drinks

Obviously being out in the sun all day will require you to replenish your body with some water.  Do not forget to keep your body hydrated while playing in the sun.  Jumping into the salt water will further dehydrate you even though it may cool you off.  Due to this, a day on the beach is always much more fun with some frozen drinks and cold beers to lighten your spirits.  Bring a cooler with you so you have immediate access to water and any other beverages you may wish to partake in.  This will save you time and money from buying expensive drinks at the bar.


With the ability we have to play music on our smart phones, iPads, and other electronic devices, music should be an obvious and easy item to have with you.  We no longer have to worry about bringing scratched CD’s or being forced to listen to the radio.  Our options for music are now limitless.  You can even make a playlist just for the beach.  Music sets the mood, and I have found it to make the day more exciting whatever I am doing at the beach.  Reggae for relaxing, or maybe some rock for playing volleyball.  Either way music is what helps us dance along and have fun in life, don’t forget to include it with you on your next trip to the beach.


Finally, bring something for an activity to get you out of your seat.  Beach volleyball is one of the most fun sports around.  It is a great team sport to get people involved and having fun together.  Don’t just sit down or swim all day.  Having an activity is sure to increase your level of fun and excitement, especially for the younger ones.  Even if you just want to kick the ball around for a while, bring a volleyball with you for that something extra to do.


Nothing is more irritating than to be at the beach and suddenly decide you’d like to go for a swim, only to discover you don’t have the appropriate attire. You could try jumping into the water in regular shorts, but such clothes often drag you down and make swimming more of a chore than it needs to be. Having appropriate beach attire means you can enjoy the surf. If you’re looking to just soak up some sun, the right beach attire allows you to keep as much skin as possible exposed without compromising modesty. If you find yourself lacking in appropriate beach attire, you can go to websites such as www.brazilian-bikinis.org for a variety of options.

Nick Quinlan is an enthusiastic beach-goer who counts surfing among his hobbies. When he’s not riding waves or soaking up the sun he writes articles on the side. If you’re interested in learning more about Nick you can visit Google+.