5 Property Must-Haves That Buyers Look For

Whether you are preparing your house to sell or you seem to be having no luck with shifting your home on the property market, it’s important to realise that certain features can really put off potential buyers when viewing a property. Or have them fighting to get their hands on it. Some of the most influential factors might surprise you, but if your home ranks poorly on any of these, beware of putting it on the market without addressing it!

Broadband Speed

We live in age where technology is paramount, and the internet forms the bedrock of our daily lives, from work to entertainment. Point Topic CEO Oliver Johnson observes, ‘broadband is becoming one of the most important considerations for prospective buyers’ http://point-topic.com/press-and-events/2013/rightmove-to-list-broadband-speeds-at-all-its-homes/ and has teamed up with Rightmove to enable people to check the broadband information of a property in advance. So if your internet is stuck in the 20th century and you aren’t getting many viewing inquiries, this might explain it.

Central Heating

Central heating is another essential must-have for home buyers, as there’s nothing more off-putting when viewing a house than feeling a chill throughout the property. Make sure that you have an efficient central heating system, and always turn it on about an hour before prospective buyers arrive during the cooler months!


Especially in Yorkshire and the Humber, schools are a high priority for home buyers http://www.propertywire.com/news/europe/uk-home-buyers-essentials-201403128888.html. Of course, you can’t do anything about the location of schools in your area, but if your property is in a catchment area you may want to think about making your home more family-friendly, if it isn’t already.


With children comes a desire for a garden, although this is a common must-have for most people, with 68% considering it an essential feature of a property. So think carefully before building extensions or conservatories that will compromise your outdoor area. And spend a little time making your garden inviting when it goes on the market – a small splurge on flowers could make interest in your home blossom.

Windows and Doors

Security and energy efficiency go hand in hand for this last point, as double glazing tends to be expected as a given by home buyers nowadays. This not only offers more security for a property, but it can make it significantly more energy efficient. The same goes for sturdy front and back doors, with any necessary security features such as a house alarm and bolts.

There are countless factors that can determine whether a house ticks the right boxes for a house buyer, many of which can be extremely person and specific. But if you are able to get these five priorities nailed, then you have a much higher chance of attracting interest when you come to sell your property. So do what you can to improve these areas where they may be lacking, and sell your house quicker, and potentially even for a better asking price. Go on, sort it.

Article by Kelly Gilmour-Grassam with useful information from ADM Residential. You can follow Kelly on Twitter @KellyGGrassam.