5 Games You Shouldn’t Miss Playing On The New PS4

Last holiday season, the PS4 was released which saw a lot of new game releases, upgraded graphics, details and stories and even the existing games in the market saw a complete overhaul and upgrade however, many people are still a bit confused as to which of the games they should buy. This is a quick list that will help people to figure out which games are right for them.

1. Knack

The PS4 launch title that a whole lot of people are excited for is Knack, which is a 3D platform game with particle physics that are amazing. The game reminds a lot of people of the Crash Bandicoot days of the Playstation, and it has received some pretty awesome reviews. This is the game that shows off much of the PS4’s nice graphics capabilities while keeping things really light and fun.

2. Killzone: Shadowfall

When someone is looking for an awesome FPS on the PS4, very few games come to mind at the moment other than Killzone: Shadowfall. This FPS is one of the best looking games of 2013 according to many people, and if you were a fan of Killzone in the past then it is sure to please. Having a quick look at some gameplay videos will let you know just how much fun can be had on this amazing title. There are tons of new features and weapons when compared to the old Killzone games, and multiplayer is a huge hit as well.

3. Call of Duty: Ghosts

One of the most popular FPS of all time is available on the PS4, and many people are hailing it as the best version of the game. If you are wanting to enjoy Call of Duty the way it was meant to be played in full 1080p at 60 frames per second, then this is the system to do it on. All of the usual Hollywood style action is here, along with the classic multiplayer that everyone has grown to love so much, lobbies are packed and now is the time to play.

4. Watchdogs

One of the most anticipated games on all consoles is the open world game called Watchdogs, a game that contains a good deal of intrigue and huge graphical fidelity. While it was supposed to be a launch title it was delayed due to some programming hangups, but the game is now under development again. In no time at all this game should be released and bring with it a whole new world to the PS4. There are tons of people that cannot wait until this game comes out, and it has the pre-orders to prove it.

5. Infamous: Second Son

The third installment of this game has already been released and was over subscribed. It feels right at home on the Playstation 4, and it was one of the games that most could not wait for. It has brought a whole new level of both gameplay and graphical fidelity into the arena, and it is a PS4 exclusive. Many are looking forward to the ability to free roam through Second Son’s world and cause a whole lot of mayhem. The story in this game is reported to be a huge area of interest, making it much different from its peers.

This is an article written by Jeremy Scott: a tech enthusiast and freelance blogger. He also spends a lot of time on computer games whenever he is free and he recommends that you visit Afrodigit: a game and tech review site where he often blogs.