4 Signs You Need A Diabetes Check

4 Signs You Need A Diabetes Check

Have you been living with symptoms that have you thinking you could have diabetes? If so, you should schedule an appointment with your physician. Diabetes should not be ignored. There are some warning signs that should never be avoided, or ignored. If you have certain symptoms that have you concerned, schedule an appointment to see your physician.
Many signs of Type I and Type II diabetes are similar. It’s always best to get your condition checked by a physician to be sure if, first, you do have diabetes. Then your doctor can tell you which type you have.

Classic signs that you need a diabetic check-up are:

You are having frequent urination

Having to run to the restroom often is one sign of diabetes. Your kidneys become unable to filter glucose from the blood efficiently. In an effort to draw more water out of the blood to water down the glucose, your kidneys are working over time. This is what keeps your bladder staying full, and will keep you urinating.

Drinking more water 

With frequent urination, comes drinking more water. If you are always feeling thirsty and like you cannot quench your thirst, this could be a sign of diabetes. Especially if you have both symptoms. They go hand-in-hand.

Tingling in your hands, feet, and extremities

This is known as neuropathy. It is a gradual onset due to the levels of glucose staying high. These constant high levels can actually damage your nervous system, leaving you without correct feeling in them. Although your glucose levels were high for some time, you may be able to get some feeling back, once your glucose levels are under control. And as they drop.

Other signs indicating a diabetes check

Having excessive hunger, even though you have or are eating often. Having extreme fatigue even though you are getting plenty of sleep. When you get a cut or bruise, it heals very slowly. Blurry vision. Even though you eat normally, you still lose weight. Pain, tingling and numbness in your extremities.
You can do a home diabetes check with a meter and strips you purchase at the store. If you do not feel comfortable testing your own blood sugar, have your physician check it. Either way, it needs to get checked so that if you do have diabetes, you can start getting it under control as soon as possible.
If diabetes is left unchecked and untreated, you can wind up with severe consequences. Some of the most severe, are, loss of an extremity, heart problems and more. Too high blood sugar levels, especially those left to stay too high, can reek havoc on the body.
Once you get your blood sugar back under control, you will start to feel better, and will be on the road to gaining control over your health and life again. You should never stop your diabetes treatments without consent of your physician. It can be dangerous to stop diabetes treatments prematurely and without your physician following you.

If you are unsure of anything we would highly recommend you contact your local physician and seek as much information as possible.

Mike Smith is a keen health blogger and has contributed to various health blogs and magazines.