3 Tips For Scorpion Proofing Your Home

Scorpions are persistent pests. The little arachnids can deal out a nasty sting if you’re not careful when putting on your shoes or walking around your house in the dark. Fortunately, you can take a few actionable steps to keep these tough predators out of your home.

If you’re willing to keep your house clean and seal your home from the inside and outside you can largely scorpion proof your dwelling. When things are a bit out of control you can hire a professional extermination service to handle the job.

Keep Your House Clean

Scorpions have little interest spending time around large, plodding animals known as human beings. People can dispatch of scorpions in mere seconds. Prey species like cockroaches and crickets draw in scorpions and prey species are drawn inside your home by crumbs and other food particles. Cleaning your home frequently by sweeping, washing floors and doing your dishes after eating creates a less inviting environment for bugs which scorpions enjoy feasting on.

The secret is to clean in a timely fashion. If you wait even hours after spilling juice or dropping crumbs on the floor and live in a remote area roaches can sniff out the food source and enter your home. Since scorpions follow roaches and other prey species you could have quite a problem in a day or two. Clean your home to cut out the bottom feeders from the food chain and to keep scorpions out of your home.

Seal Your Home

Scorpions and other little critters have a talent for finding small cracks and other entranceways into your home. Seal floor boards, patch window screens and check your foundation for evidence of cracks and other openings. Unless the scorpion is a tiny little guy or gal you’ll be able to keep most medium-sized scorpions out of your home by sealing your dwelling effectively.

Take the time to scour the inside and outside of your home with a fine-toothed comb. Look through each room to diligently find any small opening which a scorpion could fit through. Do not overlook tiny cracks; smaller critters can get through the narrowest of openings when driven by food. Patiently seal your outside openings too through caulking and other methods.

Call in Professionals

If you’re overrun with scorpions or are simply terrified to take on the little insects yourself call a professional. Trying to scorpion proof your home if you have little experience dealing with them can be a trying experience. Experienced professionals know just where to look to eradicate scorpions and more importantly, to prevent any more little critters from finding their way into your home.

Most professional services offer reasonable rates and quality services. Look for a free scorpion inspection to see if you need their services. Reputable businesses will offer you a full guarantee that they’ll exterminate all scorpions in your home.

Research extermination services online and offline to find a business which meets your needs. Do thorough due diligence to find the appropriate match for you.